Monday, September 28, 2009

No, we're not farming

It's a crazy Monday! Jenna slept until noon which most days would be a blessing. When I went in to get her up, for lunch, I found her covered in poo. I'll spare you the details, Mom, and just say it was the worst poop smearin' party I have ever seen in all my toddler experience.
The girl had to be bathed twice, the tub cleaned, the crib Clorox wiped and sprayed, and several hours later, her cute little pink and yellow room smells like cow manure. If you came over right now, you'd be looking for the dairy barn.
It is a beautiful fall day here, so after the major clean up we went to pick out some pumpkins from our neighbor up the road. I took pictures, but couldn't tell from the view finder that I had left my White Balance setting on Cloudy, so none of the pictures turned out. {See a pattern forming here? I've got to learn how to use my camera better, and that doesn't mean leaving it on Auto!}
My mom tried to fly kites with the kids, which just watching her run all over the yard to get a kite up wore me out even more. My kids are laying down for naps, don't worry Jenna has pants on to keep her from getting her diaper off. Joe just came home, so now I'm off to fix dinner, though I'd rather be sleeping. Oh, I just remembered, Monday Night Football!
I promise to be back with something more interesting to read about soon.


Sidnie said...

Oh, I know all too well about those poopy messes! They're HORRIBLE.
I put a cup of vinegar in my kitchen when I'm cooking especially smelly foods [gumbo, turnip greens, etc.] to absorb the smell. If you can put a cup of vinegar out of reach in her room, it should help!

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Oh I am so not looking forward to that!! I could smell it from here and you didn't even have to go into detail!

~Mom~ said...

Thanks for sparing the details Miranda. I have been there and done that, so the details are not needed. I was having flash backs :(
Hope tomorrow goes a little better for you. God is teaching me about the changing seasons these days.
Spring, summer, fall and winter. There is good and bad in them all. But one thing is for certain... They will change. So, for the good in each season, ENJOY and for the bad...Just hang on and trust God. It will change.
Praying for you.

{Kimber} said...

I have had one episode with the poo that I will NEVER, repeat NEVER forget---so I feel ya!
DO NOT stick that camera on AUTO {you can do it!}

Miranda said...

Thanks for the encouragement Kimber. i don't know if you will come back by here to see this, but what happened to your blogs?! Are you in hiding? Well, if you move, let me know so I can find you once more. :)

Run DMT said...

When you see such gorgeous snapshots like that, it's hard to believe you have a Poopy Picasso on your hands. ;-) I've been there, sister. I don't envy you. I do not miss those days! :-P