Thursday, September 17, 2009

The things kids fight about

Joseph is sadly known for his ear piercing screams, his wailing that makes you want to run off and hide. It's his trademark, since the day he was born. The first 10 months of that boys life took all the love this mommy had for him. He never cried, always screamed. He screamed, no rhyme, nor reason, just often, at any given moment.
We made it through that first colicky year to discover we have the sweetest, most sensitive boy ever. He's come so far, from a horribly demanding baby to an incredibly easy child. Every other day or so, {sometimes multiple times a day} we still find ourselves trying to teach him how to deal with conflicts and minor injuries without the screaming. {I wonder if we are making any headway.}
This morning I was getting dressed and I heard his freakish scream, and it lasted for 30 seconds, until he took a breath. Then came the wailing as I heard him making his way up the steps to find me. Anyone, other than myself or Joe, would have been expecting to see him missing an arm or a leg after that kind of horror film scream.
Through the door he came, tears rolling down his cheeks, face red as fire under his straw 'cowboy' hat, and he said, "Sissy and me was pwaying. I was pwaying wiff my cowboy rope an' Sissy said, she gets to pway wiff da horse, not me!!"
All this over an animal, not even a toy animal, a figment of their imaginations. Seriously, how many things can they find to fight about. Bethany even controls their pretend play now!
I told him, "Joseph just both have a horse, you can have your own horse." and he wiped the tears off his face and ran off to play again.


~Mom~ said...

What a wise Mommy! Just make up another imaginary horse! :) You always make life better and can fix any problem.

Eleana said...

Oh, big sisters, what can you do? I remember when I was young with my two brothers... it was remarkable what I could get them to believe ;o)

Myra said...

That is SO hilarious! Kids are so funny!

Thanks for your comments on my blog recently. You always encourage me.

I love coming to your blog because your kids are so stinkin' they always greet me in your header. :)

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, thanks for laugh! I understand you on the ear piercing screams over absolutely nothing. My DD does that. Including when her imaginary friends "take" something she wants. Oh yeah. How's that for pretend play gone awry? LOL