Friday, October 30, 2009


Psalm 116:7
Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.

Fall is my absolute favorite season, followed by winter. My mom brought the kids by to pick up some long, long over, overdue library books and Bethany brought me these beautiful golden leaves. She had them all stacked perfectly in a leaf bouquet. Joseph gave me the big, crunchy brown leaves.
I couldn't resist the opportunity to put them in some of my dear little glass bottles. {If you are new around here, you might enjoy getting to know my deep love for old bottles.} Of course, then I couldn't resist taking a picture, or two. It has been great entertainment for me this afternoon.
I am still feeling good and tired, but better. Mostly, because it's Friday and that means my kids come home for the weekend and Joe will be here too. It's nice having a piece of the-way-life-used-to-be-and-will-soon-be-again.
I've almost finished out my fourth week of Mono, several have asked if I go back to the doctor anytime soon. I called my NP on Monday, although she said she would see me if I feel like I need to be seen, she assured me it is normal to feel badly for 4-6 weeks. I am to stay on my thyroid medicine another 4 weeks before it is checked, so I shouldn't see her until then hopefully.
It really is all about the little things in life that make us happy and show us what is important. Things that cost little to nothing, yet are priceless. Things like leaves, glass bottles, sippycups and fingerprints. I hope you get a little something that warms your heart this weekend.


{Kimber} said...

I love fall leaves too...they are great..unfortunately we don't get too many colors down my way *sigh*
glad you are still on the mend!

esther said...

Hi Miranda....I wish you a wonderful weekend, and I pray for God to bring you some renewed strength, and for God to heal your body from this mono...this too will pass, I promise !!!
great big hugs ~ Esther

Mrs Soup said...

Those look so great in the glass bottles! I pray that the peacefulness of them transfer to your heart.

Bonnie said...

Great Pics, and love the new header. You have such an eye for color!

Glad your over the stomach bug and I hope you get to fully enjoy your weekend with your family around.