Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jumping for Joy

Fall break is here and we are so happy! Joe will be home from teaching school all next week and no homeschooling for us either. This was my first little earmark. At the the start of our school year I thought, 'just get to fall break'. I was hesitant about some our curriculum and wondering if certain subjects were too advanced or too easy for Bethany. Now that we are here, I'm happy with her progress and looking forward to seeing how much she'll accomplish in the next nine weeks.
We went to our community festival this morning. It's very small, but just the way we like it. The kids get SO much unnecessary candy during the parade and then they love jumping in the bouncy houses. Joe and I have enjoy watching them have such a fun time being kids.
Bethany just told me the other day that, "Bein' a little kids is fun the most. You know why? Because if you're grown up you don't get to jump in bouncy houses!"
Her and Joseph are both getting big and in most ways that is really nice. Last year, they screamed and cried because they were getting bounced around so much in the bouncy houses, and they couldn't climb through some of the mazes and freaked out. Not this year, they did great and it was much easier.
We are looking forward to enjoying our fall break, possibly going camping if the weather permits. I'll be around blogging some time but looking forward to spending most of my time with the family. Hope your weekend is as beautiful and fun as ours has been so far.


Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

We're hoping and praying you feel better really soon and that it doesn't spread to the rest of the family! ~M&B

Jeff, Dana and Hayden said...

hope you get feeling better soon so that you may enjoy some of your fall break. we missed you at the shower.