Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One day at a time, or one sickness at a time please

{from a friend's Facebook status yesterday} God's pleasure rests on those who serve, who minister where His walls confine them. ~Martha Kilpatrick

It's been a good day, I am feeling better. Yeah, you want to read that again?! I don't know if I'm actually feeling better from Mono, or if I'm feeling better because I'm over the stomach bug I woke up at 3 AM Monday night with. Seems like if anyone was sick in the past 3 months and gets around me I will catch it. If someone is around someone that was sick in the last 6 months, and then around me, I'd catch that too.
I have never felt like I've had such a fragile immune system. I have a lingering cold that gets immediately worse if I do much of anything. Much of anything being, go up and down the steps consecutively, roll around on the bed with my kids, or ride in the car to go to a drive thru.
This week, I've had to be pretty much stay in the bed and tried to get back to this place of at least feeling better. In ways this is a harder place to be because I start to get excited that I feel a little better and want to do something. I'm learning it doesn't work like that, because I'll just be sick again.
I had a productive day, I paid bills, made some phone calls, clipped coupons, {I'm hoping to be well enough to use them before they expire} organized picture files on my computer and learned started am learning to knit from Youtube. I did all this from my bed, it's a good feeling to be productive.
Not really much else to blog about, the leaves are falling quickly. I took this picture of Jenna chasing a leaf across the drive way over the weekend. I'm thankful for the time I have with them, looking forward to being my normal mom, wife self again. It seems like it's been forever. It hits me really hard at times, I have a good cry and then regroup my get well plan. These last 3 and half weeks have made me so thankful for the time I am able to be with them and take care of them and Joe.
You wouldn't believe how I long to cook something. It's fall, I should be baking pumpkin bread and apple sauce cake. {My mom gave me a Pumpkin Spice Yankee candle that smells good enough to eat, so that helps me not be as sad about it.} I should be cooking chicken and dumplings or chili.
Joe was so sweet and baked me brownies last night. It's the first time he's ever baked anything. "If I'd known all you had to was read a box to cook, I'd have done this a long time ago." he said. Well, if I'd know that was all I had to say, I'd have said it a long time ago. The brownies were better than mine ever turn out. If I'm sick much longer, I think he might start burning our food to make me cook again!


esther said...

Miranda, I pray that you have a blessed day tomorrow, I pray for healing for your body, and for you to be patient and know that God is in the midst of this valley with you and soon you will be back on that mountaintop. Lots of big hugs ~ Get better soon honey.

Miranda said...

Thanks Esther, your comments are always so encouraging!

{Kimber} said...

poor thing...Praying for you :)

Lyndsay Taylor said...

Still reading, still praying, and knowing God is doing something deep and worthwhile in you.

Andrea said...

That picture you took of Jenna is adorable. :) And I hope it won't be too much longer until you are able to cook that pumpkin pie, etc too! But good for you for trying to keep busy while lying in bed...I'm sure that can be hard sometimes. I recently started knitting again's actually a fun hobby once you get the hang of it!