Sunday, November 15, 2009

All aboard?

Are ya'll ready for this? It'd been a long wait and I took so many pictures yesterday. I wanted this day to be extra special for Joseph and wanted to capture it all in pictures. Bethany and he were so thrilled when we arrived at the train station, they held hands all the way into the station. Aren't they cute?
Still holding hands, anxiously looking for the train.
Joseph waiting in line to board the train with his ticket. He was really quiet, just eager to get on board.
Mamma and Joseph, still waiting.Jenna was just happy to hang out with Papaw, she thinks he is the greatest thing ever. That smile is pure, "I'm so happy Papaw is holding me!"
Our engine was a diesel, not a steamy. Joseph was a bit disappointed, at four he naturally likes steam trains and unknowingly is following his great papaw's love for them. Some things are just in your blood, love for trains is in Joseph's blood.
This engine's diesel engine, was originally made and used for a submarine until the end of WW11, then GE bought it and built this engine. Crazy, huh?We chose to ride in an open air coach that was built in 1932. We could have ridden in a coach with a/c that was made in 1954 but it wasn't as nice. I think we had more fun with the air blowing in through the windows.

Taking off.
Maybe by the time they are in their thirties they can pose nicely for a picture together {sigh}.The sinks in the restroom that were out of commission. {they stored heaters}The Conductor was very friendly, he answered our questions and obliged me with a picture.Jenna, sitting with none other than Papaw.

Here the train was crossing a road to turn the engine around and it kept blowing it's horn. It was so loud the kids were covering their ears and my mom was trying to get our picture.
Joseph's favorite part of the day was riding on the train, predictable right!? Bethany's favorite part of the day was walking through the train museum and getting to see the old stuff, especially this old table from a dinner car. What 5 year old likes looking at old museum memorabilia?
Joseph is very calm and took everything in all analytical like. He had a great day and loved riding the train. We'll be hearing about it for a long time. Thanks for coming with us, Mamma and Papaw.Today I'm thankful to be an aunt! My first niece was born this morning. She is healthy and doing well. Joseph has a red headed cousin! We can't wait to meet her. Congrats to my brother and sister in law!
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{Kimber} said...

Looks like a great day!! We rode a train from New Orleans to Chicago earlier this year and I hope I NEVER have to ride a train again...every inch of me hurt!!

Melissa said...

Looks like a fun day. We just visited a train museum in St. Louis with my mom in October. Last year, Thomas came to a museum about an hour from us and we took the kids to ride with Thomas. It was a lot of fun! If you ever get the chance, it's worth the extra money just for the kids to see Thomas pulling a train and have their picture next to him.

Susan Tipton said...

So glad you had a your little one had his train ride. What a great day- love the pictures.

Btw, I got a blogging award for showing gratitude and a good attitude that I'm supposed to pass on- I put a link to your blog. I always find your blog a blessing to read.