Monday, November 16, 2009

Dear Mom

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As I mentioned in my previous post, my mom was here today helping me out again. You may get tired of hearing about it, but I never get tired of saying what a great mom I have. She is amazing! I told her this story and wanted to share it with you too.

Over the weekend, I was sitting on the couch watching TV when a Hallmark commercial came on.

{I have always had a very soft spot for Hallmark cards. Maybe I fall for the hype and commercialism of them, but I really don't think so. Growing up, we didn't have a TV at home. {Just a personal choice my parents made.} I think it made me and my siblings much more creative and gave us a deeper love for learning and exploring. All that to say, I loved Hallmark cards, before I saw a Hallmark commercial. I guess it's just part of my love for written words.}

So, this commercial comes on and it's about a grown daughter trying to give her mom a Hallmark card. As she is about to give it to her, the mom turns her attention to her grandchild that ran up. {I was so relating with that, it happens to me all the time. I'll be in the middle of a story with my mom and one of the kids comes up and interrupts us.}

Then, again she tries to give her the card and the doorbell rings so the mom jumps up to get the door. {Again, this is so me and my mom's relationship.}

Finally, the mom walks in the kitchen to find the card on the counter. The narrator says something about being appreciative to the people you love this Christmas. {My heart is full of gratitude toward my mom.}

The daughter walks in and says, "We couldn't have made it this last year without you Mom!"

And so, there I sat on the couch, in tears!! When I was telling it to my mom I burst out laughing at this point. You'll have to go watch the fourth video down, "Kitchen Sink". It's pretty amazing to live a life that is also a Hallmark commercial.

Today, I'm doubly thankful. For my abundantly giving and selfless mother!!


Melissa said...

I saw that same commercial the other night and cried. The hallmark commercials are the best and worst b/c I cry everytime.

Adam and Natalie said...

Oh I teared up at a Jif commercial today! What is this media sucking us into!!? ;)

Thanks for your comment on my blog! We hope to see a completed house soon. :) I noticed on a previous blog post of good cd's and thought I'd point you to He's my brother-in-law, but he just put out a Christmas cd called, On the Incarnation, a couple weeks ago and it's fantastic. I know I'm family, but I'd like it anyway if he wasn't. It was #7 on Itunes in the Christian music category too!

~Mom~ said...

Ahh Thank you Miranda and you are right. That happens all the time. We don't seem to have the time to carry on a full conversation without an interruption. However, I do love those little interruptions. I keep thinking we need to do lunch sometime.. just the 2 of us... but there is never the time without the little interruptions. I know one day your life will be like mine and those little interruptions of yours, will be grown. Maybe then we can have lunch .. Or, maybe not, then you may have those cute little interruptions in your life. Life does seem to cycle. Woops, there's the door bell.. I love you so much.
Thanks for the Hallmark Card!

Kari @ p.s. said...

What a great daughter you are to honor your mother so much. Nobody should ever tire of someone doing that!

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

I love the hallmark commercials, too! So warm and fuzzy!

And that idea you had with the thankful jar is awesome!

I hope you start getting your energy back--what a difficult thing to go though with little ones.

Sending prayers your way this week!

Mrs Soup said...

Beautiful post. And just reading about it made me tear up...I'm a sucker.

Jeff, Dana and Hayden said...

miranda it seems that the trait of great moms must be a hamilton trait that both are moms have. i am blessed with a great mom too. glad your kids are back home!