Monday, November 16, 2009

Moment by moment

Today was the first day I've woke up to my kids in the morning, with just me to take care of them. It's been 6 weeks. I didn't get much sleep last night and I am far from "all better". Mono and I are still in a constant fight, but I'm winning. {If it is ever so slowly.}
The good news is, I am improving and though I had to take a couple moments and pray for strength I'm still standing here, crashed out in bed. I can't entirely take credit for this historical day, my mom did come over at 11, after going to the grocery for me, and gave all three of the kids baths for me. She took Jenna and Bethany to their doctor appointments and then returned to fix us supper. So, this day I was far from helpless.
I plan on taking one day at a time, just like I always have. Only I'm not expecting much out of myself other than taking care of the kids. I'm hopeful that each day will grow back into me doing more and more. Currently, I have 4 rules for myself,
1. No guilt
2. Do what I can and then rest
3. Pray every minute, of every hour, for patience and gentleness, with myself and my children
4. Take each moment and survive

Funny how I read these now and think, "I really could have used these same rules for myself long before mono."This morning the kids and I worked on our Thankful Jar. We cleaned out last year's slips and are working on filling it back up with things we are thankful for. Each night at supper, we pull out a few and talk about them, them thank God for the person or item listed. Bethany and Joseph had more fun doing it this year than last. The neat thing is that this year, Bethany filled out most of her own cards. I love seeing her big, bulky handwriting on the cards.
Today I'm most thankful for her ability to learn and these words she wrote. It's so neat to see her love learning.

This is my 30 days of Thanks, don't forget to join me, it's never to late to be thankful!

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a thankful jar... what a tangible way to teach the kiddos... we will have to mooch your idea! ~Bernadette