Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh, the drama

My second round of labs came back just as terrible as the first {why was I not surprised and excited about that?} So the verdict is, I am anemic and my thyroid levels are all extremely low, meaning I have extreme hypothyroidism.
Most of you won't care about these numbers but it may be helpful to some one so, my TSH is 44.68, my T4 is 0.16 and my T3 is 2.3.

Meaning I am entitled to feel like crap!

I am thankful for an obvious problem and hope that my body will just respond like it should to the medicine. My NP is almost doubling the dosage I was taking, thank goodness!!!
On a positive note, my homoysteine level that was high is now in normal range. My B12, B6 and folic acid have all come from low to now being in the normal range. I am able to stop taking my prescription Metanx for that. It' s nice to see my body responding to something in a positive way.
Now, I just take my pills and wait, 8 weeks. {blah} Wouldn't it be nice to feel better before then? Maybe!?!??


Melissa said...

I sure pray that you feel better soon. I'm glad you had labs done to find out what was going on and can now focus on that. Hang in there and trust that God will get you back to the place where you have lots of energy and happiness. Happy Thanksgiving!

MaryBeth said...

Miranda, I don't understand your numbers but I feel your pain. After the Graves diagnosis I got my medicine (4 pills daily) only to go back 3 months later and learn I was now hypo (cut dosage in half to 2 pills daily) to go back 3 months later and be hyper (go back to 4 pills daily). Please just fix it!! I hope these new numbers will help you find a treatment that will finally works. Hang in there

Jeff, Dana and Hayden said...

Miranda- this makes perfect sense. i was a little puzzled you were still experiencing such extreme fatigue and exhausation. with labs like this is clear explanation of your symtpoms. what med are you on? synthroid, levoxyl or a generic. if you are on generic i highly suggest requesting brand name and just ask the pharmacy to charge you cash price and don't run it through insurance. it will cost about $20-25 cash as opposed to more with brand name copay on insurance. generic thyroid med is cheaper but i have seen so many patients fluctuate with hyper and hypo thyroid that completely straigtns itself out just by switching to branded medicine.

also as far as the anemia goes do you know what type you have such as iron deficient or anemia of chronic disease. its obviously not a folate or B12 (megaloblastic anemia) since those labs are normal. i hope that once your numbers normalize your symptoms will resolve.

Kristen said...

Miranda, you are in my prayers! I hope you start feeling better soon. I don't know much about Thydoids and problems that can go along with them - but you will be in my prayers.

Also, I LOVE your blog header - it took my breath away! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog!

Kari @ p.s. said...

It's all a pain, I'm sure. I was anemic during my last pregnancy and it was flat out annoying. Before I found out I was having dizzy spells, no energy and all that. Then trying to get my numbers up to a safe level took FOREVER!!! Well, it felt like forever to me. I did take a lot of Floradex from the health food store which worked well!
ps...finally ordered that book from your store last night!