Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reason #892 Why I love my husband

Tonight Joe decided to rearrange our living room, nearly every piece of furniture.

Because he's the world's most awesome dad and wanted to make the world's most awesome fort, his personal best.

Jenna nearly wreaked havoc on it numerous times as he worked tirelessly for the perfect set-up.

It is becoming more and more evident that we have our work cut out for us with this little lady. A little lady who growls and whips around very much like Taz, though much cuter and sweeter. The girl can clear a path, and ransack whatever she chooses.

She wasn't the lone threat to Joe's masterpiece though. Joseph went to his 4 year well visit today. After my Top Ten Worst Moment of Motherhood last year at Bethany's 4 year well visit, I begged, pleaded and gave Joe no choice but to take Joseph. The poor boy was ever-so brave and didn't even cry until they gave him his first shot. It was a heart-breaker after that.
Three shots at 4 is so horrific that we will buy our kids most anything they want after that appointment. Joseph knew exactly what he wanted, a Nerf gun with suction cup bullets. I think he might say it was worth the pain and the three Daffy Duck Band-Aids he proudly showed off.

While natural disaster almost struck. . .
and Bethany twirled in new {small} spaces. . .

Joe kept working and shifting furniture as the bullets whizzed past.

He finished it off with the air mattress and cartoons. Bethany kept exclaiming, "This is awesome! This is the most awesome fort ever!"
I'm a party pooper, he is sleeping in the fort with Bethany and Joseph {all night}. I declined my invitation, no shock I always turn down a good nights rest on a queen size air mattress with three other people for my own bed.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, I hope you can be with the people you are most thankful for.


Anonymous said...

Miranda, you most definite have a very awesome husband, and your kiddies are very fortunate to have such a loving father. I love to see young families like yours.
Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Bonnie said...

Our husbands have a lot in common. I had a scrapbooking retreat one afternoon at my house and my dear husband was in charge of the kids. He built the most ginormus fort in our basement. He used ropes and clamps it was slightly ridiculous but fun.

Tell your husband that fitted sheets were GREAT around furniture.

Glad you smiled today.

Happy Thanksgiving.