Saturday, November 7, 2009

Simplicity 2628

Here is The Dress {the most productive thing I've done in the last five weeks, besides rest.}
It's Simplicity 2628. When I found the Alexander Henry Apple and Pear Fabric at Joann's I wanted it so bad and Joe kindly convinced me to buy it. {mostly, because he just wanted to leave already, I think.}

On a side note, that store is heavenly and if you have easy access to one, thank the Lord above because we are not all so fortunate. Although my bank account is better that way. The place leaves me drooling when I come out, hours later.

Okay, the the red polka dot fabric came from Hancock Fabric, not that I'm ungrateful but it's no Joann's.
As soon as I bought the material, I had an ideal that I wanted to make a smock~ish kind of dress for both the girls. It took some work to find a pattern that I liked. Simplicity 2628 worked out great, although the option I created wasn't listed on the package. I chose to leave the sleeves off the dress. It was really simple, I had a problem with the gathering in the front at first but besides that I was happy with my progress.
I was dreading the neckline and the arm holes, but they weren't bad at all, I'm getting biased tape down. I think we're gonna be great friends now. I left off the zipper because I like simpler looking things, especially since it was smock~ish.
Bethany had to act like she didn't want to wear it at first, that's just her way. I'd wonder who kidnapped my child if she did anything else. Once she put it on she couldn't stand still though, she kept dancing in it, and asked to sleep in it.

I have a different ideal of how I want to make Jenna's, I think it will be pretty quick to make. When I muster up some extra energy and decide to risk it, I'll be sure to let you know. I have come to love sewing and am thankful to have such a great sewing machine.
This is my 30 days of Thanks, what are you thankful for today?


~Mamma~ said...

Very CUTE! I love the dress too! Great job.

{Kimber} said...

I see why you wanted that fabric!! the pattern is adoarable!
love the dress with her Uggs--too stylin' :)

Susan Tipton said...

I love the apple fabric too. The dress is precious- so is is your daughter:)
My children and husband dread the fabric store. I walk in one and I become the most indecisive person on the planet- I think the smell of fabric sizing must melt my brain.

Glad you were feeling up to sewing.

Amy said...

I love that fabric! I made a pillow case dress for my daughter last year out of that same fabric! I love the dress!

Bonnie said...

I had to get caught up. First LOVE LOVE your gratitude post about your husband. I know what you mean about your heart being so full but nothing comes out of your mouth. Actually one of my prayers right now is that I asked God to mold me into the kind of wife He wants me to be to Marc. I am giving it to Him and excited and scared to see what happens...I'll let you know how it goes.

Secondly Happy Birthday Joseph!!! Wow the big 4. And as a Mother to three boys myself and one that is just about 7 let me tell you how much you will enjoy the age of four. Our sweet little can't-stop-moving-3 yr old-boys change when they turn four. I enjoyed it and found it easier than a 3 yr old boy.

And last...I LOVE the fabrics you picked out and am so envious that you can sew. What a wonderful dress!

That's it, caught up and now I'm heading off to bed. I am going to post about Women's Journey of Faith but to be honest I am feeling poorly tonight. H1N1 has hit our city and I do not have the shot I'm trying to stay well rested and well fed.

Take care