Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Turning 4

Joseph's 4th birthday was a long day for him. A long day of waiting for his party in the evening. He received several birthday cards in the mail, and ripped every envelope to shreds. It took some effort and extra tongue power.
I wasn't up to having him a party but between my mom and my mother in law, he had a really great party. There wouldn't have been a party without them. Joseph couldn't believe that I was coming to his party. I was actually going some where!
It felt good to get out of the house and get dressed like a normal person. I didn't recognize myself, and that is not an exaggeration. I'm so glad that we could all be together and celebrate his birthday.Joseph's official birthday present is going on a train ride, he's been looking forward to it all year. We're planning on doing that this weekend, if weather and health permit. To tide him over he got a Bob the Builder remote control car. He is the easiest kid to please, not even a complaint that we haven't ridden the train yet.

Bethany and Joseph were racing their cars here. Betcha can't guess who won? Bethany almost ran Scramble over a few times.
On Friday, my mom made Joseph's cake with him. All he wanted was a 'choc-wit cake, with choc-wit icing, and a 4 can'le on da top.' Mamma went above and beyond, decorating it with trucks and candy. He loved his cake! Mamma might have start helping with the cakes every year!

The party was a success, alot of chaos, 4 year old style. Cousins, choc-wit and new toys all at once are a bit overwhelming but it was great. My boys, wearing their Rocky shirts, Joe's favorite movie.
{I found Joseph's shirt at Target, Joe and I were super excited. We handed it to Joseph and he said, "Who's Rocky?"}
Joe helping playing with Joseph's Nerf gun.

By the time we made it home Joseph was asleep. I fared well, although I was ready for my bed by that time too before we ever left home.
I am VERY thankful to my mom for all her hard work, she went shopping for me and put so much time and work into Joseph's party. I could write a post everyday about how thankful I am all that she does for us. {There just aren't' enough words to tell you how much we appreciate all that you are doing for us right now. I love you very much!}
My mother in law kindly hosted us all at her house, which is no small feat, We are so thankful for her doing that for us!! Joe and I are so blessed to have 2 awesome families that can come together and have a good time.
If you'd like to join in on my 30 days of Thanks I'd love to have you!


~Mamma~ said...

It was a pleasure to be a participant in such a great celebration. I can not help but remember, 4 yrs. ago. My prayer was, that this little boy would please wait until I can home from Virginia to be born. We headed home about midnight because I was so afraid I would miss his arrival. He was so good. He not only waited but he let us get a good nights sleep in too! He is the SWEETEST!
Ps. 31:14-15 " I trust in you, O Lord, I say your are my God. My times are in your hands."

{Kimber} said...

I love that first picture...his face is priceless!
I loved having a 4 year old! yours is a cutie pie!
you look great in the pic :)
Happy BD Joseph

Bonnie said...

Oh wow, you look really good, as does the rest of your beautiful family.

What a wonderful day for Joseph!!

Jeff, Dana and Hayden said...

miranda i love the photo of you and joseph. looks like everyone had a good time. glad you were able to get out for a while.

Andrea said...

Happy belated birthday to Joseph!! My little girl turns 4 in a couple weeks, although she's been talking about what she wants for a present for MONTHS!! ;)

You really are lucky to have such caring support on both sides of the family, which isn't always the case. I had fun reading about the party and seeing all the photos of your wonderful family!