Friday, November 6, 2009

What dreams are made of

This morning I was woken at 5:00 AM, as I am every morning, by the soft chime of my cell phone alarm. It's my daily reminder to take my thyroid medicine. It's complicated, I have to take it in the AM, 4 hours prior to taking vitamins or supplements, and 2 hours prior to eating. So 5:00 AM it is, because any other time of day I'd forget altogether or end up taking it as a midnight snack.
I made a quick trip to the bathroom and hurried back to bed while my covers were still warm. As I was snuggling in, Joe was crawling out. Not to take a pill or make a quick run for the bathroom, instead to start off his day. The first thought that came into my head this morning was, "I am so thankful for a husband that works so hard for me and our family." My heart was full, but I couldn't even open my mouth to tell him.

All to often I am ungrateful, and most the times I am struck with gratitude I fail to tell him.

I am married to a dreamer, he has definitive ideals about what he wants, how he sees things. He envisions our next house, he has a dream house. There are things he has always wanted, like a Kentucky blue Chevy truck, a big truck. He has dreams of one day going to LA to watch a Dodgers game, and Minnesota to a Vikings game. He dreams of having a huge plasma screen TV, yet he never complains that he won't have or get to do these things for a very long time.
He can't even get the NFL or MLB ticket to watch his far off games on TV. He can't landscape our house the way he'd like, or finish our basement. There are so many things that he sacrifices to allow me to stay at home.

He allows me to stay home because he dreams bigger things even, things like having a big family with alot of kids. Of making a long life with me. {the luckiest girl in the whole world} Of spending time with me and being my best friend. He dreams of playing pile sacks on daddy, and baseball in the backyard with the kids. He dreams of being flocked by our little ones when he comes home from work, he dreams of building forts in the woods and forts out of blankets. He dreams of our kids being home schooled and learning about God. He dreams of watching our kids grow up happy and healthy.
He is a man who knows what he wants, and knows what he wants most. He will do whatever it takes to provide for us and to live out the dreams we share together. This life we are making together isn't normal, or the average American family of 3.14. We've been known to raise a few eyebrows when we say we home school, or that we plan on having more kids.
This kind of living takes 2 people willing to live by faith, sacrifice "stuff", and most of all dream the same things.
He ignores so many of the world's expectation, yet exceeds all mine. I'm thankful for my husbands dreams, and his dedication to do what it takes. I am blessed, to be a stay at home mom isn't a luxury, {at least not for us} it is a choice by two people.

Thank you Joe for allowing me to do the job that I love most. Thank you for supporting my dreams, by living yours. Thank you for reminding me often that, "We're livin' the dream." Dreams are made of dedication, commitment, hard work, sacrifice and a whole lotta love. I love you forever!

This is my 30 days of Thanks, join me if you like!


{Kimber} said...

Oh my...this is so sweet...gave me chills!
You both are so lucky to have each other :)

Mrs Soup said...

You are so very blessed! Happy husbands are amazing. :D

MaryBeth said...

Oh how I wish you lived near me in Philadelphia. My husband has season tickets to football, baseball and hockey and I would have been happy to take you and you husband to the Phillies whooping the Dodgers. Haha! Sounds like you picked a winner with him. xo, MB

~Mom~ said...

Joe we are thankful for you too! You have helped to fulfill one of our dreams. To see our daughter marry such an awesome, godly husband, provider, daddy to our grandchildren...not to mention what a wonderful son-in-law you are. Well, I might as well mention it. You are a wonderful son-in-law!