Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What I invested in today

Ya'll know that I cut our spending wherever I can. There are many things I think seriously about buying, but never go through with it. Lately I've made a couple splurges and want to share them with you because I think this is money worth spending. Here's what I've purchased all for a little more than one trip through McDonald's.

Have you heard of Seeds Family Worship? I am overwhelming giddy about this, scriptures put into song. If you are like I was, then the thought of scripture songs might give you a headache. I think I'm probably not the only person that has been bored to tears and pushed to almost hate for those slow, draggy scripture songs. If you liked them, sorry to be so unfeeling, but as a child I resented the sight of any such CD.
This is why I'm so thrilled about Seeds, I can't wait to listen to the CD with my kids. You can go here and listen for yourself, they're fun, easy listening, and not annoying. The kids have heard the songs from their website and love listening. I find this a powerful tool for our entire family to memorize scripture together. The thought of my little ones singing God's Word is stirring.
I have chosen to purchase my copy directly from Seeds because if you buy one, they give you a second copy, of the same CD, to share with a friend. {Maybe a give away?!} I also used the coupon code KSTEWART09 – that will take 20% off your order until January 10th, 2010.

I recently received a free copy of thriving family from Focus on the Family. I love reading magazines because they are such quick easy reads and fit into my life alot better than books right now. {Truthfully, my copy is wrinkled from water damage, because I dropped it while I was taking a bath and reading at the same time, this happens often.}
I have wished so many times for a Christian parenting/marriage magazine, I've searched and haven't found anything close. Focus on the Family has offered smaller magazines in the past, but this new one is 60 pages. It's full of great ideas on child training, encouraging articles on marriage and filled with lots of resources.
I am disappointed that it's only bi-monthly but maybe if enough people subscribe it can grow into more. I'm looking forward to reading this magazine over the next year. I think it is so worth $9.99.

We can give up a trip through McDonald's to be more spiritually healthy and less likely to kill over from clogged arteries. I'd love to know any resources that you feel are worth splurging over...


{Kimber} said...

Looks like great investments to me :)

Bonnie said...

Off to check out seeds right now.