Monday, December 14, 2009

Enjoying the season

It's been awhile, don't ask where I've been. {okay, fine I'll go ahead and tell you.} I think I've mostly been in a daze and staring at all the things I could and should be doing, only too tired and my thoughts to scattered to do much. What I have done over the past couple days has been in slow motion. I work at a task, then sit, then lay, then get up and roam around until I feel guilty enough to start back doing whatever it was I had started earlier. I'm border line, I feel a little better but not enough to conquer my to-do list, so I'm overwhelmed and get very little accomplished.
There was good news in that last paragraph. I rushed over it, I am feeling better. I had a couple good days last week, followed by some really draggy ones, but today I felt a little better again. So much better that I moved the computer out of our bedroom and back to its previous place of residence in the basement. This is huge, Joe said I had to blog about it. It is really a big deal, it means I am feeling like pushing myself to go up and down stairs each time I want to get online and that I will not be laying in bed anymore. I might even make the bed in the morning. {don't get your hopes up George!}
I have been frustrated a few times, wishing I felt better and up to doing more for Christmas. But we are having a blast, the kids are getting excited. I am learning to do what I can and then not guilt myself. We've been doing fun things with the kids. We climb in the van in our PJ's before bedtime, with our blankets and drive around looking at Christmas lights. {Probably my favorite Christmas fun!} Here are our lights, Joe worked out in the freezing cold to put up.
Last night, we snacked on popcorn with marshmallows and craisins while we decorated a gingerbread house. It was messy, and looked nothing like the glamorous picture on the box.

Joe turns everything into a game and had to have Bethany and Joseph catch popcorn in their mouths. I know this isn't safe, but what is and daddy's only listen to mommy's so much. Please tell me your husband does these kind of things with your children!?

The gingerbread house had to sport some Big Blue colors. I won't say who had to have it that way. {*cough* Joe *cough*}
The last couple years I have really wanted to do an advent calender or some kind of countdown 'til Christmas. I haven't come up with anything I loved, I wanted it be something spiritual and about Jesus' birth. Bethany saw some thing of this nature somewhere and asked if we could do one. So tomorrow, we are starting out very own 10 Days of Christmas. I'm sure I have broken some sacred, tradition going with 10 instead of 12 or 25. It goes without saying that this is pretty much something I whipped up and is far from perfect. {hence the 10 days!} I had this Christmasy fabric, Bethany wrote the numbers and I stitched over her hand writing, with the sewing machine. I thought it added to the whole perfectly, imperfect feel.
Each day has a card with a secret message of something we get to do that day, from watching a Christmas movie to making cookies, and eating a candy cane to going shopping for a gift for each other.
There are so many things that I want to blog about and so little time. I've missed you all and will be back soon sooner, I promise!


Melissa said...

We made an advent calendar at church and each day has something to do with your family such as pick a Christmas card and pray for that family, read a part of the Christmas story, buy a gift for charity, etc. Maybe after Christmas I can type all the activities and send it to you so that you can make one for next year. It's a paper chain and you tear one off each the way, the gingerbread house is beautiful!

Bonnie said...

LOVE the advent calendar. Wish I could whip somethign up like

Think of all that your learning about yourself not being "able" to do it all. I am doing the same thing this Christmas season...never have I slacked so much but I'm doing it on purpose to push myself as far as I can from being stressed.

It's working but it's hard and let me tell you I have been in a GREAT mood all of

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

You're so crafty! I wish I had that kind of talent. The calendar is awesome!

{Kimber} said...

I am determined that NEXT year I will do some sort of advent calender too...
glad you are feeling better my dear!
tell your hubs the lights look awesome! :)

Our Crazy Crew said...

Try and find the "What God wants for Christmas" box. It's made by Family Life and you can find it sometimes at Walmart, Mardel or you can order online at It covers Jesus' birth and has a surprise ending! My kids are 10 and 8 and still get very excited about it!