Monday, December 7, 2009

Please excuse our mess and expect delays

Hello Monday, it's been such a slow going past few days. I feel like I move in slow motion, VERY slow motion. I'm trudging ahead and have little to show for it. I managed to get a few Christmas decorations squared away. At least I finally called it quits and decided they look good enough and packed up the remaining decorations away until next year. {already}
Don't kid yourself, we are enjoying our twinkling tree and festive colors amidst Lego's strung across the living room, never fully picked up since Thursday. Dishes have to be ran twice through the dishwasher because they don't come out clean the first time and laundry has been put off 'til tomorrow for over a week now. My kitchen counter is lined with children's Tylenol, cold and cough medicine and sippycups of Emergen-C. Each of the kids have their own roll of toilet paper and little noses are turning as red as Rudolph's.
Jenna is cutting 4 molars, plus some more maybe and has the worst cold of all three of the kids. I'm wondering if it is croup, she has raspy breathing and a barky cough. I got an early start on supper because I knew it was going to take a bit longer. {what doesn't take me longer these days?} Here was my view every time I looked down to calm her fussy pants.
Having a Christmas tree is a great reminder to keep my focus on enjoying this season, not just the season of Christmas, but this season of life. As hard as it is to keep up and as much as I'm struggling to get better and wrestling with doubt and fear. I love my life, I love this season of Lego's across the floor, {though stepping on them is highly painful} comforting my sick baby, and being home with my children.
I mentally rush each day hoping to find a little more energy in store for me tomorrow, but this time in my life is full of good gifts and don't want to take them for granted.
Bethany whipped through her school work at her little desk she created. I loved her little set up, with her chapstick and snot tissues. God bless this child for being independent and self motivated. I am so thankful for the way she excels as I struggle along.
This, my friends, is a peek into our madness, thanks for stopping by. I hope your week is filled with good gifts, even if you step on a few Lego's' here and there. Please, use some Germ-X on your way out!


Anonymous said...

Hey sis sorry your still feeling cruddy. We are praying for you. I was wondering if that was your broccoli soup on the stove. I miss your awesome broccoli soup! Miss yah sis.


Bonnie said...

Oh Man, I feel for you because I have 2 out of 4 children with the colds..the 2 children that just got over chest infections and a baby cutting his first molars...yikes.

Thanks for reminding me that the season of legos on the floor and many other items in my case will be short lived. I will see the joy through the stress.

Run DMT said...

I love this:

"Having a Christmas tree is a great reminder to keep my focus on enjoying this season, not just the season of Christmas, but this season of life."

I hope you get well soon so you enjoy Christmas and all its blessings.

Carrie said...

Hey my “little princess”, a very Merry Christmas to you, hope the buffet is the right color, glad you like it, I wanted it to be perfect like you.