Friday, December 4, 2009

Signs of Christmas

I was feeling a little more energetic yesterday, still tired but not paralyzed by it. I needed a day of some relief, it helped boost my spirits thinking that I will be feeling better again soon. I think it's the iron and chlorophyll kicking in. Every morning I take a tablet of Perfect Iron, {this is a great iron supplement that doesn't have that stereotypical side effect} and wash it down with a glass of Emergen-C, with a teaspoon of chlorophyll mixed in. It is one of the oddest concoctions I've ever drank, but it's not as bad it looks. I can get it down without gagging. Yes, it is as green as it looks. {very festive} I was in a hurry to get out the door this morning and drank it down as quickly as I could. Thankfully, the first place I stopped I immediately made a trip to the restroom, because when I went to wash my hands I looked in the mirror to see I had bright green in the corners of my mouth!Yesterday was a cold wet day, one of those days that should snow if it's gonna be so dreary. The cloudy sky made us wish for some snow, so Bethany and I just made our own.
Since I was feeling a little better we went ahead and picked out our freshly cut Christmas tree. I was a little worried to do too much because I wanted another day to feel like I could function. I knew that if I pushed myself I would feel tired and worn out today. At first I said we were just going to get the tree in the stand then put lights on it today. About an hour after we situated it in the living room I put the lights on it and said I'd wait to decorate it. About an hour later, I was pulling out ornaments and decorating it as fast as I could.The kids had fun and were so excited about getting out their ornaments and climbing on the ladder. Joseph was a fireman who played golf and put out fires all night. Bethany was a natural decorator and couldn't wait to get all the decorations out and the ornaments hung. It was a good evening listening to their happy chatter. This is the first year I have decorated it while they were awake and it will probably always be so from now on. Jenna has been very obedient about not touching and carrying the ornaments off. Hopefully, she will continue to enjoy it that way. If not, I've grown used to having only the top 3 feet of the tree decorated! It might be that she just isn't feeling up to par. Her nose is running and she has been laying next to me in bed as I type this, very unlike her normal self.
As I expected, I am worthless today. Boxes are still out and nothing is really in it's place. Even the tree isn't exactly finished, but it can wait until tomorrow. I don't have any pictures of the tree, because I'm just to tired to hold the camera.
The kids have been playing Lego's and I love it! Such a quiet toy! Maybe after my morning cup of coffee chlorophyll I'll be ready to wrap up the rest of the decorating.


Bonnie said...

Hey sounds like a wonderful day with your kids. One step at at a time right? I am healthy and I have to remind myself of that or I get overwhelmed.

Fresh Mommy said...

Awww, hope you feel much, much better soon. Glad you're getting some rest, although moms never quite are able to get enough it seems. It's so hard to have a tree and not start something on it, I'd be the same way. Just remember to take care of yourself!! :)