Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tying up those last brown paper packages

How are your Christmas preparations going? Mine are still in the works, but I'm chipping away at the list, and checking it twice. I've been feeling more tired the last couple days, but still better. I'm determined to enjoy each day and not get stressed. Jenna did her best to wreak havoc on all our nerves today.
We went to visit both my grandma's. It's about an hour to their houses from ours. Jenna screamed and threw a grand ole fit most of the way there. She has been so ornery all day, she goes from happy, to angry and back again in the matter of minutes, if we're lucky. A couple times today she just got stuck in the angry-for-no-reason mode.
It was good to visit my grandmas and they both seemed to be well and in good spirits. My grandma Ham was making icing to finish her jam cake when we arrived, she was in a baking mood. I thought she looked so sweet and had to take her picture. Bethany and Joseph got to lick the beaters.

I started wrapping gifts on Sunday. After I finished wrapping the first one I quit, so I am planning on tackling that again tonight, hopefully finishing up. I have clothes to get ready for our 3 day Christmas marathon and cookies to bake. I think I'll make it!


Amanda Brady said...

Love your Bible Verse.......I might steal that idea next year!!!

{Kimber} said...

how sweet!!! I love that last picture
how blessed to still have both grandmas!!

~Mom~ said...

I used to lick those beaters! YUM :) Brings back memories. I love the pictures.

Eleana said...

Hey Miranda, wishing you some festive cheer. The pictures with the grandmas are so precious. Thanks for sharing :o)