Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dislocated elbow anyone?

Since a virus has taken up residence inside my computer, I am making a desperate attempt to blog by means of email. I'm not sure how this will work but it's worth a shot.
Yesterday, the kids and I went shopping with my mom and sister. Jenna wasn't feeling well, she ran a fever on Monday and Tuesday. I figured it was an ear infection, an added bonus from her two week long cold, but wasn't going to take to the doctor until she acted like she needed to be seen. She was fussy and I made plans to take her to see the pediatrician today. At the end of our shopping day she was really tired and I could tell that she didn't feel well. We were in the last store and I was holding her hand. She dropped to her knees, pulling all her weight against her hand in mine. When she did, it felt like her wrist popped and she immediately began crying like it hurt really badly.
I took her out to the van and she just kept wimpering. She wasn't unconsolable and I associated her fussiness to her ear hurting and lack of a nap. Later in the evening my mom noticed that she wasn't using her arm and I made a phone call to the doctor's office. They said that it wasn't uncommon for that to happen and it was probably just sore, so not to worry about it and just wait and see about it in the morning. We banaged it up in an Ace bandage and that seemed to help.
She slept all night, but this morning it was evident that she was still in pain and not using her arm at all. She wasn't using it to sign and was only doing half signs with her good hand, it was pitiful. When she tried to climb up the stairs on all fours, she froze and couldn't brace herself to get back up. It was really obvious that she couldn't use it for anything and that any movement by others around her arm caused pain. I called the doctor's office back and took her in earlier to have it checked out.
As soon as I explained it to our pediatrician, she said, "Her elbow is out of socket, I'll put it back in place after I look at her ear." She did indeed have an ear infection, and then came the terrible part...
The doctor twisted and moved her arm for what seemed forever and Jenna screamed and squirmed from the pain. It didn't work, so we had to try again. The doctor still didn't think it was fixed but she went and got a sucker to have her reach for it. By that time Jenna was so upset and in pain, and here we were taunting her with a sucker and not allowing her to reach it with her good hand. Then she was really mad!!
Third try and another round of being mean and not allowing her to have the sucker. My heart was breaking more and more every second. I felt awful and so did the doctor. She began to wonder if that was really the problem and said, "Maybe I fixed it and she is afraid to use it."
After a few minutes of allowing her to calm down a little, I put the sucker in her hand and she didn't grasp it. When I'd lift her arm up to help her put the sucker in her mouth and let go, her arm just flopped back down. I was pretty certain it wasn't fixed, and at the same time, didn't want to have to put her through the pain AGAIN!
Thankfully, after the forth heartbreaking attempt it worked! Jenna immediately reached for something and yanked her arm back when I tried taking it from her. The doctor said this is a very common problem and once it happens it becomes easier to happen again. I'm praying for no more dislocated elbows in the future!!
I have never felt so sick about my child being in pain, I just can't say how heart breaking it was. I'm so thankful that is fixed and overall a simple injury. It has made me so thankful that I have such healthy children. We are so blessed to only have these fixable mommy heartbreaker moments.


Lyndsay Taylor said...

bless both of your hearts!!! you both deserve more than a sucker!

Kristen said...

Goodness gracious that sounds just completely heartbreaking and oh my elbow hurts!!

Barbie said...

Boo for computer viruses. How frustrating. Praying it gets fixed soon. And poor Jenna. I am sorry she had to endure multiple attempts before it was fixed. This happened to one of my children years back. I think it is pretty common. Blessings!

Bonnie said...

Miranda I'm so sorry you had to deal with that. I dislike when my children have their needles.

Luckily children bounce back. I remember when I dropped Sasha at 2 months of age. I FREAKED out and the nurses in the ER kept telling me stories of them dropping their children. They were trying to make me feel better but I just kept sobbing.

Jeff, Dana, Hayden and Landon said...

miranda- glad they were able to reduce it in the office. this is not uncommon and is called a nursemaids elbow. hope this is the only time it happens

Mrs Soup said...

Oh man, that is horrible. The worst part is that you will probably feel that pain longer than she will. Heartbreaking.

Melissa said...

Poor baby. Glad it's all fixed and hopefully no more dislocated elbows.

Melissa said...

That happened to Makenna when she was about Jennas age. Her and Chris were wrestling in the living room and we heard a pop. I was able to relocate it but she was in some serious pain before I did. Yuck.. Poor baby.