Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ever wonder what God looks like?

Yesterday I read out of the Jesus Storybook Bible during our Bible time. I had planned on reading the whole chapter "The beginning: a perfect home"

I started reading, "IN THE BEGINNING, there was nothing.
Nothing to hear. Nothing to feel. Nothing to see. Only emptiness. And darkness.
And. . . nothing but nothing.
But God was there. And God had a wonderful Plan."

I stopped reading and we talked about how there was nothing in the beginning. Then I asked Bethany to draw a picture of the beginning. She didn't think twice and started drawing a picture of God. I was surprised that she didn't question what he looks like. When I asked her if she knew what to draw she said, "Yeah." and quickly drew this picture.
Bethany explained that he is bald and has hair on the sides like Papaw P., that his hair is white, and that he has a beard. {Reminds me of Dr. Phil}
I thought he looked rather annoyed or angry so I asked if he was happy. She said that he was and I asked, "Is he loving or angry?" She said, "Loving." Then Joseph answered out of his usual appearance of paying no attention and said, "Oh, God is very woving!"


Jayme said...

I totally see Dr Phil too LOL

random blogger said...

thanks for sharing the drawings. sometimes, kids just nail it. simple theology based on faith alone! i guess that's why Jesus said unless we become like little children we cannot see the kingdom. good stuff.