Saturday, January 30, 2010


It feels like it has been forever since I sat down to make a leisure blog post. I've missed this and my head feels as though it is going to burst. Have you ever dove head first into something you knew nothing about? I am deep {very deep} in the trenches of creating a church website. I've never done anything like this and the progam I'm using is keeping me up late every night and then giving my nightmares until morning. It's overwhelming, too much info in all the wrong places. My head has not stopped hurting and I think I may need glasses very soon. I'm racking up the hours and missing the days of being on the computer for fun!
I'm learning as a go, it's like being in school. School, plus my life. Yeah, I'm putting in some serious time on the website and still trying to be a mother and wife. Speaking of which, motherhood really kicked my hinnie today. I feel like I have 10 children instead of 3. Life was so eventful last week. There was the dislocated elbow, computer virus, and then yesterday our furnace stopped working. {Did I mention we have 3 inches of snow on the ground?}
So, if you're wondering where I've been hiding, I've been working on a giant puzzle. Cringing every time the font doesn't look right, or the images aren't centered. I'm looking forward to getting it finished up, or at least nailed down a little.
I'm super excited that February is here. I've got plans, and creations. Question is, will I have time to do them?


Kari @ p.s. said...

You sound very busy! I hope your furnace is working now. Awesome that you are doing the church website. Even though it's time consuming, you are learning and what a precious seed you are sowing!

Barbie said...

Bless your heart. We are in the throws of a web re-design at our church and I have so much respect for those that are deep in it's trenches. I pray it comes together for you soon. Blessings!

Mrs Soup said...

Awwww, stress isn't good. What program are you using? If you have questions or need help, you can email me. I can help out if you'd like.

mrssoup at gmail

Sidnie said...

I'm taking the days slowly as they come. Wanting all the while for more time to get things done, too.
I hope you figure out the website soon, and can relax your brain, and spend time on the computer for fun again. I hope the elbow is healed, and that the furnace is fixed.
Sending you prayers.

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Did you try downloading Explorer?

{Kimber} said...

I'm sure you will do an excellent job on the site!!
miss you, but we will all be here when you get back :)

leah leah said...

I totally can sympathize with you on diving head first into something you have no idea about?! I recently started running... long story short, I'm training for a half marathon sometime this yr! I think I may be crazy?! lol I'm praying for you, girl! You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength!! Nothing is impossible with God!! I have all the confidence in the world that you will do an awesome job! <3 Can't wait to see it! =]