Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to get more out of the Jesus Storybook Bible

If you've been a stalker here for very long, you know my obsession with this book. I keep saying I'm going to quit talking about it, but then something comes up and I just have to share it with you all. And then, I have to tell you how badly you need this book, and how truly wonderful it is!
Our first nine weeks of the school year we read one chapter a day. I loved going through it in order. If you didn't read about this incredible story that happened during our time studying it, then you should check it out.
I struggled to find a Bible curriculum at the start of the new year. I ran out of time and couldn't find anything I liked better, so we started reading a chapter a day again. This time around we are working through it at a slower pace. I'm spending more time discussing the stories with Bethany and Joseph. One thing I have found helpful, that they love to do, is allowing them to draw a picture after our reading and discussion time. It's been so eye opening to see their perspective and hear their take on things. {I recently shared one of Bethany's drawings, it was neat to see how God looks in her mind.}
We've had some great talks. I was shocked to find out that after the numerous times Bethany has heard and learned about Noah, she had no idea that everyone else on the face of the earth died, except for Noah and his family. We were talking about all the rain and how it would be if it rained that much now, trying to give her a visual picture. She mentioned something about our house floating around and that's when I realized she thought all the people just floated around in their homes. Of course, being able to learn this aspect of the story brought it together in so many ways.
During this same story, we talked about sin and people not loving or obeying God. Bethany asked why they didn't love God and I was able to explain that sometimes we don't want to obey Him either. We talked about how she knows the way God wants her to act but she just chooses not to. Then we talked about our flesh and our spirit. I explained how it's easier to do what our flesh wants, rather then what God wants. We talked growing our spirit by reading God's Word and praying and that the stronger out spirit is, the more we will act in our spirit than our flesh.
This is what I love about The Jesus Storybook Bible, it's so easy to understand and makes for such great discussions. It tells the major stories in the Bible as one whole story, with each one building toward the next.
When we were studying the creation, the book repeatedly says that when God made something he would say, "Hello land!" or "Hello stars!" Then the book reads, " 'You're good,' God said. And they were. " We read it so many times that I would pause after reading something that God created and Bethany and Joseph would finish with, ' "You're good,' God said. And they were" We talked about how after God created them he must have said, "Hello Bethany!" and "Hello Joseph!" and then we add, " 'You're good,' God said. And I am!"
Today's story was about Abraham and Sarah being told they would have a son, even though Abraham was 99 and Sarah was 90. We just visited Joe's mamaw on Saturday, so I explained that she is 90 years old, just like Sarah was when she had Issac. After we finished talking about the story, Bethany drew this picture. I love all the stars she put in the sky, and sweet little Issac holding Sarah's hand. I had to laugh when I saw that she drew a cane for Abraham!


Doll Clothes Gal Pal said...

Its great to hear stories about families bonding over faith and the bible. Keep it up! :-)

Our Crazy Crew said...

Well, Abraham had quite a flock; certainly he needed a "staff"! LOL! Have you ever looked at Alpha and Omega's curriculums like Lifepac or Switched on Schoolhouse? I'm loving that it teaches from God's perspective and interjects Bible verses and teaching moments...just like our family does!