Sunday, January 17, 2010

My first experience with TtV

We were at some antique stores this weekend, I was shopping for some neat-o, cheap-o old children's books. That hunt was unsuccessful but I picked up a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera just to check it out and then sat it back down. I had no intention of buying it, but Joe picked it back up and insisted on buying it for me. Though I begged and pleaded with him not to buy it, and tried to convince him I didn't need it, he wouldn't listen.

I must now confess that I really did want it but would never have bought it. If he had listened to me and put it back I wouldn't have been upset, but I am REALLY thrilled that he didn't pay-me-no-mind. I'm in love with this new vintage camera and it looks great on the shelf next to the rest of my old cameras.
Oddly enough, just this week, in blog world, {here and here} I'd read about people taking pictures with their digital cameras through the viewfinder {TtV} of old cameras. I didn't quite understand what they were talking about and didn't pay much attention.
After I started looking at my camera I thought the Brownie might be a kind of camera that I could use to do that too. Sure enough I reread those posts and couldn't wait to work on getting some cool pictures.
I haven't taken the time to construct a contraption to block out the glare. I've been impatient and took some shots without it. I think they are neat-o. I'll let you know what else I come up with doing this technique. It's so fun.
We've had a good weekend so far. When I say good, I mean great, wonderful, amazing. It had the potential to be very upsetting, but UK are still unbeaten at 18-0 and the Vikings won their playoff game.
You have no idea how much of a die-hard fan I'm married too. He has been waiting for the Vikings to play good all his life and wouldn't listen to me or anyone else who tried to convince him to pick another team. Let's just say, his fanaticism is not unhealthy but it's a hair away from being insane. The man couldn't sleep last night, didn't eat all day today and sounded like he was going through labor watching the game. {so maybe you classify that as unhealthy, I've just learned to accept love it about him.}
He made my day by buying me the camera. I made his by finally finding, one of the last two, Sports Illustrated {John Wall edition} in town. I love it when I know he really wants something and I can get it. Small, affordable things make the best gifts!


Nellie Mae said...

Your pictures are really cool!!! Can't wait to see more! TtV is sooo fun!

{Kimber} said...

how cool!!!!!
and I am sorry but we shall be at odds this Sunday when your Vikings get beat down by the WHO DATS!!! :)

Mrs Soup said...

Oh wow, that is amazing! I *ADORE* the globe one!

Sidnie said...

That is so cool! I don't know that I would have ever known that you could do that.

We're Saints fans over here.... But my hubby was rooting for the Vikings this weekend. He did NOT want to see the Saints and the Cowgirls play again. :)

Kristen said...

That is SO COOL! Also, I gave you a blog award! Check it out!

carrie brady said...

So I would just like to say " YEAH THAT IS MY SISTER!!!" You have inspired me and I am going to try that tonight with my collection of cameras. Yes i am once again trying to mimic you. LOL what can I say, when I see a good thing I aspire to become like it as much as posible. Love you!