Thursday, January 14, 2010

Play-Doh tips, because who wants another mess

Anyone out there own stock in Children's Mucinex, or Benadryll or Motrin?
I wish we did.
We've been putting money in some body's pocket. {You're welcome!} I just bought our third bottle of Mucinex in a week! This has been the meanest, nastiest, snottiest cold they've had all winter. It's disgusting, every night we drug them {legally} and put them to bed, thinking they will be better tomorrow. Jenna is just today getting to the bitter part of her sickness. Bethany and Joseph fought off fevers on Saturday and Sunday but the cold still lingers, and left behind a double ear infection for Joseph.
I woke up to him SCREAMING this morning because his ear hurt so badly. I took him to the doctor and we sat in a waiting room full of children much nastier sick them anything we've had for a long time. Children with mask and puke buckets. It's not a good sign when the office staff are handing out pink puke pans at the door and herding you like cattle into a quarantined room. I'm praying we came away with only a prescription and cool monster truck sticker and not some germs playing piggy back.About the Play-Doh pictures, I got several comments and felt I should explain myself. Maybe this will be helpful for some. I too, used to hate the mess Play-Doh makes {or the mess my kids make with Play-Doh} and it sat in our cabinets locked away for over a year. We actually had a very nice collection. I finally started feeling guilty and I knew that I needed to allow my kids to be more creative. I was stifling them, because I didn't want to fool with another mess. {Not that you should feel guilty, or are truly stifling your children, if you don't want to fool with the mess. I completely understand why ya'll feel that way!!} There are areas that I simplify in our life, but sometimes I cut out too much and I felt that I needed to give a little.
So, I came up with a few tips on making it possible for them to be creative, every now and then, and me to remain sane. One of the reasons I didn't want them to play with it was because the colors might would get mixed together, or it might dry out and get yucky. I had to get over myself. So, I decided we would only get out two, or maybe three, colors a session. I encouraged them to keep the colors separate at first but I don't anymore. They play and if at the end it's gross, yuck and dried out we throw it away. The Doh that is still in good shape goes back into the containers. I don't obsess about having all the little crumbs off the floor, because the drier and tinier they are, the easier my vacuum sucks them up.
The other thing I realized is I would put them at the table and stress about the mess getting on the floor, which is inevitable. Then when it was time to clean up, Play-Doh was on the table, the chairs AND the floor! Since we have hard surface flooring I just give them a corner, encourage them to keep the mess in that area and it's usually pretty quick to clean up. I don't even have to wipe the floor clean. It's a nice activity during these cold days.


Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Hahah - I hate it when the colors get mixed up too!

{Kimber} said...

you wrote this post for me didn't you?! you are so sweet!
and yes, you have inspired me to let them loose with it!!!

Jeff, Dana, Hayden and Landon said...

miranda so very true. i at first instucted hayden not to mix the colors but he thought it was so much more fun to mix and match so i thought "who cares.... its just play doh" so that i got over on the first play date with play doh. what is very true is the number of times i say don't thrown it on the floor and repeatedly go and pick up what he has thrown on the floor. i think when he gets older your logic is best... play with it on the floor cuz that's where its going to end up anyway. i do think i will wait til he can follow directions or i think he will be treking through the whole house with playdoh. now that's something i simply can't handle. hope all of yours get well soon and you and this is one thing the kids actually don't share