Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Small steps mean big changes

This morning, I didn't plan on this being the last time I snapped a picture of Jenna eating in her high chair. It's one of those irresistible times a day when I often take her picture. Maybe it's because she is content to eat and confined, the fact that she can't run off, that makes me daily think about taking her picture. I usually brush it off, reminding myself that I don't need another shot of her in the high chair.
I've had a very productive day today, I started cleaning and organizing. My energy is up and feel like I better make the most of it as long as I can. Plus, there is so much catching up to do after my 3 month {sabbatical} wipe out.
I washed down the dining room furniture and mopped the floor. When I came to the high chair, I wondered if I could eliminate some clean up time, on a daily basis, by puting Jenna in a booster seat at the table. I weighed the pros and cons and decided wiping that high chair down one last time sounded good enough to try.
Supper was Jenna's first debut at the table, it was like our family grew, only one empty chair at the table now.
She was thrilled and clean up was much easier.
The best part for her was getting to sit across the table from Joe. Bethany was excited to move over for Jenna and loved sitting next to her. Thankfully, she didn't put together the shift in attention. Though Bethany didn't notice, Jenna sure did.

It's bittersweet, packing away the high chair. I have one more hurdle before we get to potty training and that's taking away her paci. I don't know when but soon, I'm gonna have to jump in and do it. My baby is growing up No, I can't say it.

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Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Aw, Jenna is a big girl! You can always babysit Maddie to tide you over till you have another baby to hold. ;)