Saturday, January 9, 2010

What's up with all the colors on Facebook?

I just gotta say something.
I could start this off with a disclaimer about how you might agree or you might disagree. I could talk about how aware I am that this is going to be controversial, but I won't. This is my blog, it's about my life, how I live and what I choose to blog about.

A couple days ago, I noticed many of my Facebook friends had posted a color as their status. {Many of you will know where this going.} I was confused and couldn't figure out what it was all about. Black, pink, nude, polka dots {none}. . . I didn't get it.
The next day, as the trend continued I read a friend's status that said, "wishes some girls were more discrete. Not ALL inquiring minds want to know . . ." Later, I put this status and the color statuses together and figured out that these Facebook users were posting the color of their bras on Facebook. After commenting myself on this friends status, I found out all these people were giving out this information in the name of "raising awareness and support" of breast cancer.
After doing some investigating I found out this was the message being sent around, forwarded from one person to the next.
"Just write the color of your bra in your status. Just the color, nothing else. And send this on to ONLY girls no men. ... It will be neat to see if this will spread the wings of cancer awareness. It will be fun to see how long it takes before the men will wonder why all the girls have a color in their status... Haha!"

Let me just ask, "Seriously?" This is like adolescent school girl flirtations. Why couldn't we all post something to our status about the issue itself, about the very real and serious cause? Why did we have to make it about ourselves, instead of the people who have fought and are fighting for their lives. This did nothing more than draw attention to each persons lingerie!
Posting anything to ones Facebook status is not helping research or raising money for any cause. I am not in anyway, suggesting that my Facebook friends are ignorant, but what will we do next? We woman, need some self respect!
If I were in a room with one or all of my male Facebook friends {excluding Joe, of course!} would I announce to them what color bra I was wearing? Absolutely not, so why then would I announce it in writing to the world?

On the flip side, would I be appalled if any female came up to my husband and blatantly said, "I'm wearing a red bra!" You better believe I'd be upset.
Call me a prude, call me old fashioned. I am well aware that we can't go to Wal-mart without seeing the color of some body's bra, you won't see mine though. It's not fashionable, it's immodest and nobody wants to talk about it because then our friends might get their feelings hurt. I am not judging, I just want to "raise awareness" that we are valuable women. We should respect ourselves and require these intimate details be earned, not freely given away. We should respect each others husbands and men in general, many of whom just don't want to know. Men who are fighting to remain truly devoted to the women they love. We complain that men don't protect or respect us, why would they if we don't respect and protect ourselves.
I believe that most of the women who participated in this game of tag, didn't stop to think twice about it. Their motives were not meant to be provocative, they had no evil intentions. This is proof of where our society has brought us. I encourage us to stop and think about what we are doing to ourselves and to the men around us. As I said before, nobody wants to talk about modesty, we make excuses that the fashion world offers no options. In doing so, we accept and embrace the lack of value and self worth present in this day and age.
I don't want to accept it, I don't want to be silent because I might hurt some ones feelings. Who will be a voice of reason, to say, "Wake up! We are women of worth, valued far above rubies. I will value me, if the world does not. I am not cheap and I am certainly not free!"
These ideals are old-fashioned and prudent, not at all bad or anything I am ashamed of being labeled.
I'd love to hear your thoughts, agree or disagree.


Tricia said...

I agree with you! I didn't get either. I am very aware of breast cancer and I don't think posting my bra color would make me more aware. It just makes people aware that I want them to know that info. haha! Oh well it was just another FB fad that has come and gone. I need to get going so I can post "I love Jesus" in my status because 93% of christians won't. Most status like that make me laugh and I wont waste time reposting them. Jesus knows I love him and I don't think he thinks I love him more because I updated my status with that.

Thanks for bloging about that and saying what I wanted to say,
Tricia Payne

Kristen & Cliff said...

Oh i completely agree! I did not pass on the message or participate in it. I also did not say anything but I was appalled by the people doing it.

Sara Elizabeth said...

I am with you on this one. I received the message several times, and I deleted them. I have nothing against my man facebook friends who posted, it's just not something I care to do.

BassAckwards Mom said...

with ya - I received it too, and didn't participate. My stepmom battled a very serious cancer - and I dont think posting my bra color will "raise awareness".... today I get this one (from the same person who messaged me about the bra colors.):

"We had so much fun yesterday with the bra game, Here is the game for today. This will get the guys thinkin, to see if they got dirty minds or not! though its not at all rude lol. This is about how u have got ur hair now. Write it in your status! If its up, write ON TOP, if its down and at either side of the face, write SIDE BY SIDE, if its just a complete mess, write EVERYWHERE N MESSY! see if the boys can get this one! But ONLY SEND to GIRLS ..........and you know I'm going to have fun with this!!!"

I'm just not playin. Sorry - I'm gonna wear my "prude" label proudly.

Bonnie said...

I received it but like any other "pass this on" emails I ignore be honest even if it has a Christian message.

I do this because many worms and viruses or tracking is developed in this way.

I also TOTALLY agree that no one needs to know my personal business and though I did post under one friends "boring beige" post that I was more boring than her I still do not feel that I participated and nor did I want to.

My Mother died of pancreatic cancer and though it is not the same as breast cancer I know there are other ways to make awareness about the disease.

Great post Miranda!

Melissa said...

Nobody sent me the message but eventually I figured it out. I was shocked at some of the people, especially those from my church that participated. I absolutely agree that we shouldn't be doing these things!

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

I was wondering what that color thing meant...I asked someone on FB about it but didn't get a reply. Oh well, I guess I was better off not knowing at the time! Ha!

Kristen said...

Miranda, I was JUST about to work on a post similar to this! I was so flabbergasted about this. I still think I will do so, but I really do thank you for blogging about this because it is encouraging to me. I agree with you completely.

becky said...

I totally agree with you!

Anonymous said...

Miranda and girls, I am a FB user and I and some of my good friends participated in this, we were only suppose to say a color and that was it. I personally did not see any harm on this, this did not make me less of a Christian or a decent married honest women that has been madly in love with her God, family and husband for over 26 years...I was a bit offended when I read this post.

Amanda Brady said...

I must admit, when I realized it wasn't as discreet as the email made it out, I was embarassed about participating. The email I received didn't say anything about seeing how long it takes for the men to figure it out. Color of their bra would not have been my husband's first thought (even second or third!) of what the colors meant. I didn't have a problem when it was just the girls. I have shared a room with some of my facebook friends. Heck, I have went bra shopping with some of them and FOR some of them. I am more concerned and offended by the actual images that my husband has to come into contact with every day--walking through the mall, going to the movies, watching TV, flipping through a magazine -- heck even looking at the sale ads in the Sunday paper.

Mom of Many said...

I too got the email and I too did not participate. I felt embarrassed for those of my friends who did. Some things should just be kept to oneself. Great post!!

beansntatersmama said...

I sometimes think people will complain over anything. It doesn't bother me one way or another. I don't see what it has to do with raising awareness myself but I also don't judge people who have done this. Not my business.

Megan said...

I just came across your blog today and I must shout a big "THANK YOU!" for this particular post. My husband is a youth pastor and I was appalled when the young high school girls in my small group...many of which are very solid in their faith...were posting their bra colors for all of the boys in the youth group (and other men beyond) to see. If you don't mind, I'd like to read your post to my small group girls at this week's meeting. You said everything I've been thinking and would love to address them with love and grace, yet really bring home the reality of the issue. I'm excited to continue reading your blog!

Miranda said...

Megan, of course you can use this for your girls. I'm honored that you asked and I'd love to hear how the conversation goes!