Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A quick peek

We've been spending some serious time watching movies. Joe went all out and brought our mattress downstairs even. He has this crazy thing for building forts. They get pretty detailed, I think this one was his most comfortable.
The kids love it when he builds them a fort. He's been doing this whole mattress in front of the TV thing since we were first married. Our mattress, or an air mattress, used to stay in our living room for nights at time when we were newlyweds. He loves sleeping in front of the TV, it appears we will be camping out there tonight.
Did I mention we are snowed in? Well, almost, I mean we could get out if we had too. I'm loving not having to though. Joe is off school again tomorrow, we are so excited.
The snow is just beautiful, I keep thinking about this.
I've been up late sewing, trying to get my latest project wrapped up for my new niece. She will be making her debut very soon. I can't wait!


~Mom~ said...


Bernadette said...

Your fort reminds me of the book, "I love to cuddle" where Lola the hamster builds her own cuddle island while her parents are on a date so she doesn't feel lonely while they are gone. It is a favorite around here. We may have to make a cuddle island in front of the TV for our next movie night/day!

{Kimber} said...

I love forts..they are so much fun!!
beautiful snow pics too