Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Big sisters can do anything

My five year old is potty training my 22 month old. I bought a potty chair, because Jenna has been harassing me and Bethany every time we go to the bathroom. She wants to sit on the potty too. I didn't plan to actually start potty training her until the weather warms up and even then, my hopes weren't too high.
Bethany was a terrible child to potty train and I've approached it completely different with Joseph and Jenna. Bethany knew how to go potty at an early age, around 18 months, but she wasn't potty trained until almost 3. It was a long battle of the wills. With Joseph, I wasn't going to even try until he was 2 and a half, but he potty trained himself at 26 months. Literally, the boy only had 3 accidents and never wet the bed. Despite Joseph's miraculous experience, I still think I started too early with Bethany and that was the downfall.
Jenna came carrying her potty chair into the living room last night. I was crashed out on the couch, so Bethany eagerly helped Jenna get her pants and diaper off and sat her on the potty. Jenna immediately peed. We did the traditional celebratory applaud. Bethany wanted to put her in big girl underwear right away. I explained that Jenna was still a bit young and that I don't feel energetic enough to take on potty training just yet. Bethany's response was that she would potty train her then.
This morning, Jenna woke up, Bethany got her out of her crib, took her downstairs, sat her on the potty and she peed. This happened two more times today. Could this be too good to be true?
Bethany is a little mother to Joseph and Jenna both. She is very bright and independent. A couple weeks ago she started fixing her and Joseph's breakfast each morning. They get up and she make their bowls of cereal. She even puts a paper towel under their bowls in case she spills a little milk. No one taught her how to fix a bowl of cereal, no one asked her, she just did and now that is just the way it is. I love this about her. She makes a great big sister.


Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Bethy is such a good girl! You can tell how much she loves her siblings (and her cousins!). :)

Sarah B said...

That is so sweet, what a great family you have!

Nate said...

LOVE IT!! Reminds me of her mother! Love yah and miss yah!

sunny said...

Definitely sweetness. Taking care of her siblings and potty training the baby?! makes me smile