Monday, March 29, 2010

Bought some fabric, made a snake, might have sold our house and praying for a friend

*{Update}  The buyers accepted our counter offer.  I can't believe this happening, can't believe we are moving!*  Looks like fabric will be getting boxed up, along with everything else.
I've been shopping and found my very favorite place to buy fabric.  From the comfort of my own home even.  I bought these prints for $3.50-$4.50 a yard.  I am tickled, and shipping was very fast too!  Now I just can't stop staring at them or bare the thought of cutting them.  I'm sure when the right project comes to me, it'll be worth breaking out my scissors.
 I found this cool snake idea and had to sew one for Joseph.  Sadly, it's the first thing that I have made him.  He was happy that I finally sewed something for him.
It's been a super busy Monday for us.  We had a showing on our house at 10:00 this morning.  It was the first showing since we listed it with our new realtor.  An hour or so, after it was shown our realtor called with some questions.  I answered them and a couple hours later, he called again and gave us the offer.  Joe and I went to the office and counter offered.  Our offers weren't that far apart, I could be wrong  but I have this feeling in my gut that tells me this is it.  It's going to sell.
Right now, I'm a bit nervous and sad thinking about moving from this house.  Since I don't have a house to look forward to moving into yet, I'm not very excited.  Again, it's not official, we haven't heard if they accepted our offer.  This certainly has brought some excitement to our Monday night.
I'm praying for a friend of mine, I'm sure she wouldn't mind me asking if you would say a prayer for her too.  She is ready to have a baby and wanting her water to break before Wednesday.  The sooner the better of course!  {Thinking and praying for you, sweet friend!}


Amanda Brady said...

Love that top one. Is that red or a dark pink???

Arlene said...

I am praying for your friend too. And you!

{Kimber} said...

love the pink fabric and cute idea on the snake :)

hoping all goes smoothly with the house issue!!

Nate and Erin said...

That was fast- does your agent sell in Alabama? Just kidding- I'm so glad our house isn't on the market yet. Keeping an infant is enough for me now, I can't imagine trying to keep my house perfect too! Keep us posted!

Barbie said...

I just had to pop in and say I love your new blog design. Did I already tell you? Praying over our house situation too! Blessings!

Miranda said...

That fabric is kinda bright red, almost pink. It's really the same color as it looks on the screen.