Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Doing a little reading of my own

It is only when we know Christ that we are not
afraid, for there is then nothing to fear.
Only when one is no longer afraid to die, is one
no longer afraid at all . . .

To be free- free as a bird- simply means
to be unafraid, in the fullest awareness. . .
which awareness includes the recognition of death.
And when we are no longer afraid, do we begin to
live . . . in every experience, painful, or joyous
in gratitude for every moment, to live
abundantly. . .
~Peter Marshall

I've been making some time to read. I picked up an old children's book while I was at my great-aunt's yard sale on Saturday. I only halfway looked at it, the illustrations caught my eye and I didn't even read the authors name. For 50 cents I decided it was worth buying and reading later. When I came home I was surprise to find that it was written by Catherine Marshall. I had purchased, "Friends with God Stories and Prayers of the Marshall Family"
I love Catherine Marshall's beautiful writing style, even more than her writing though I love her husband's sermons. I don't know how familiar most people are with Peter Marshall, however you probably remember the TV series "Christy", it was based on the books written by Catherine Marshall. I first saw the movie, "A Man Called Peter" when I was maybe 10 years old. Peter Marshall was a Scottish immigrant who became the Senate chaplain from 1947-1949.
I purchased "Mr. Jones, Meet the Master" when I was sixteen from an old book collector. I unknowingly would treasure this book, it has become one, if not the number one, favorite book of mine. "Mr. Jones, Meet the Master" is a collection of Peter Marshall's sermons. I recently emailed Peter Marshall's son, Peter Marshall and requested permission to post some of his father's sermons here on my own blog. He kindly replied giving me the okay, but I haven't found the time just yet to post any of them. Perhaps, soon.
Reading this new book I bought written by Catherine Marshall, reminded me that she went through a lengthy battle of health problems. I wondered if she had written a book about what she had learned during that time in her life, and dug out another old book of hers that I'd tried to read years ago but never got very deep into it. The book is called, "To Live Again" to my disappointment it isn't about her journey through being bed ridden for 2 years, it is about her life after Peter's sudden death.
Beginning to read it, I realized why I never made it too far into the book. It's a stark reminder that life can change suddenly and that those we love will leave us. These are things I try to think about as little as possible {like most I'd presume}, yet at this point in my life I have been able to read this book and glean so much of the truth it holds. Catherine's journey through asking questions and seeking God is challenging and encouraging. I don't make time for many books, but I'm thankful that God brought this one to my memory.

Several of Peter Marshall's sermon's are now available on CD

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