Sunday, March 28, 2010

Conversations that I love. . .

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I made an intentional effort to spend some one on one time with Bethany this weekend.  It's something Joe and I need to be better about doing with each of the kids.  Saturday morning I went out thrifting and took her along.  She loves to shop and we had a great time together.  I enjoyed it as much as she did.
On our way back home after being out and about for 3 hours we had this conversation. . .

So Bethany, how do you like your life?
I don't want to talk about it, it's embarrassing.
Why is that embarrassing?  There isn't anything embarrassing about that!
Mommy, I don't want to talk about it, it's emmbaaarrassing.
Okay, well, I'll help you out.  Would you say you have a good life, a bad life, a great life, a fun life. . .
All of those, I think I have all those kinds of life.
Now, you can only pick one word, which one would you pick?
Well, I guess I have a bad life.
Why do you say you have a bad life, Bethany?
Well, cuz I do bad things.  Like fight with Jophie and be mean to him, all that kinda stuff you know.
Bethany just because you do bad things, that doesn't mean you have a bad life.  Every body does bad things.
Yeah, well, I'm just afraid I'm gonna go to hell.
Bethany, just because you do bad things doesn't mean you will go to hell, everyone does bad things even Mommy.  Did you know that?
Well, I know you fight with Daddy sometimes, but that is the only thing I know about.
You only have to do one thing to not go to hell, do you know what that is?
All you have to do is ask Jesus to come live inside of your heart.  You just have to pray and tell him that you are sorry for all your sins and that you want Him to live inside of you and help you live for him.  And then, you will still do bad things.  Mommy still does bad things, even though Jesus lives in my heart.  But when you do wrong, you just tell Jesus you are sorry and he will forgive you.  Then you ask Him help you not do it again.  What do you think about that?
I don't want to talk about it, it's embarrassing.
What do you mean it's embarrassing?
That's how I feel, embarrassed.
Maybe that's the Holy Spirit convicting you.
What's convictening?
It's when you know something is true and feel like you should do it.
I have an idea Bethany, how about you think about what we've just talked about.  If you have any questions you can come talk to me or Daddy about it.  If you decide you want to pray and ask Jesus to come live inside of you, then you come tell us. Okay?
Do you have any questions?
Yeah, I have a question!
What's that?
Why do you have a pickle on your head? {Burst out laughing!}
Bethany, will you promise Mommy that you will think about what we talked about?


Sidnie said...

What a sweet, sweet conversation... And a silly last question! :)
Your Bethany will be in my prayers.

{Kimber} said...

that is so sweet and how wonderful that the Holy Spirit is working in her little heart :)