Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Where the green grass grows

A couple weeks ago, the kids and I planted grass for nothing more than decoration and the experience of seeing something we planted grow.  I can't stop thinking about all of you people who are preparing to, or have already started, your flowers and vegetable plants from seeds.  Our grass growing out of egg shells is laughable next to that, but it's springy and cheerful none the less.
These little grass eggs are good preparation for my gardening skills.  I need to get my feet wet slowly, if you've been a reader for awhile you might remember this story.  I didn't even touch the Miralce Grow with these, just water and sunshine!
The grass in the window made me want to brighten up my kitchen and add something new.  I'd made the old curtain nearly 7 years ago.  So for this curtain, I used what I had on hand, I found this fabric at Hancock's a couple weeks ago for $1.95 a yd.  I just made a simple valance, nothing fancy.  I would never have chosen this fabric for my kitchen curtains if I had gone shopping specifically for that.  
I've never been a purple-in-the-kitchen kind of person, that is too risky for my personality.  {I'm the girl that's never ridden a roller coaster!}  This is a first for me, I am glad I was forced to think outside my box.  Lately, I have been secretly irritated by the red walls in the kitchen.  This the second kitchen I've had with the same paint color, it's nice and I have no clue what color I'd go with if I could magically change it tomorrow.  The previous curtain was very much red and gold, so I love how this purple lightens up the room.  It makes me feel very hopeful and I like that!

{I don't know whether you are shaken by, or taken with, the idea of our country's recent decision on Healthcare Reform but to be completely honest, it doesn't leave me feeling very hopeful.
I think it's ironic that one man tries to define himself by the word
I feel nothing but the lack there of when I see the choices he makes.
Thankfully I have a God who is completely defined by hope, it is His character, His very nature.  We are promised He will watch over us and keep us safe when we hope in Him.
Not in man.
In Him.
Psalm 33:18
But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love.}
Sorry about the rabbit trail, maybe you can relate and if not that's okay too.
I even whipped it out on my $5 sewing machine, Mildred would be proud!  I had some issues with the bobbin thread not catching but after a few it worked.  And I was able to use my vintage thread I found thrifting over the weekend so I feel very resourceful, despite the fact that I really am not green very often!


Kari @ p.s. said...

I love the grass growing out of the eggs!!! I think it's beautiful and very springy! I also like how you just put together a valance! Very creative.

Catherine Anne said...

We did this the other day too. Its one of my fav things to add to the house for Easter time. They look great in your home.... I also love the dishes in the sink. Real life for real post are the best kind...

MamaMonki said...

I think I'm going to copy your grass and eggs idea. It's gorgeous!

Bonnie said...

Me too...totally going to steal that idea as well. It will make a great centerpiece!! Cannot comment on the Health refrom issue I'm Canadian remember.