Monday, April 5, 2010

Can I just rewind my life back to Tuesday?

I feel worse than this... {MUCH WORSE}I hope that you had a fantastic Easter and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I wish I could say that we did, but I was sick all weekend, miserably sick. My throat started getting sore on Friday night and things just became worse from there. Yesterday morning, while Joe took the kids to church, I went to Urgent Care because I felt so badly and had ran a fever all night.
Since I had a fever and my throat was grotesquely swollen and covered in white stuff, the NP gave me an antibiotic and a decongestant. I am feeling a little better today, now only one side of my throat is painful instead of both. This has all kinda been a repeat of the first weekend of fall break, Joe nearly died when I got sick, because this is his first weekend of spring break. I had almost the same symptoms and was nearly just as sick as I was then. I think all of my immediate family, thought the worse at first, that I could be having a mono relapse. I don't think I am. I can't let myself think like that first of all, and secondly, the antibiotic is helping.
I went to a follow up appointment for some routine labs I had drawn last week. This was the first time I've had anything checked since my iron infusion. I should be used to strange things happening to me by now, but surprisingly my thyroid levels had gotten worse. Not a huge shift, but certainly not in the right direction when they are already out of range. My TSH went from 8.9 to 11.6 and my T3 and T4 levels went the wrong way too. At last check things were improving so my NP had left me with the dosage I was on, the only thing we can think of is maybe the iron infusion caused me to absorb less of my Synthroid. My NP increased my Synthroid and unless I feel extremely worse or like it might be hyper, I won't have it checked until 8 weeks.
My iron had greatly improved, it came up from 4.6 to 14.8. I knew that had gotten better, because I feel so much better. I'm worried it's not going to stay up, so we talked about possibly another infusion to kinda put me into more of a safe zone. If one little thing happens I'm afraid it could put me back to square one again.
Sorry, I have no Easter pictures, NONE. I am saddened to say that my camera is out of commission. While I was feverish and sickly, I grabbed it off the island to get some pictures of the kids hunting Easter eggs that Joe filled and hid all by himself. The strap caught and somehow it fell out of my hands and jammed the lens. It's a mess, I attempted to take it apart this morning, but electronics are not made to be taken apart, so then I just asked Joe to pull it as hard as he could hoping he could pull it out. Well, he pulled it completely apart so it's toast. I'm sick as to how much it's gonna cost for a new lens. If any of you stalkers have any bargain places or great sites you love for finding this kinda thing, I NEED HELP, and a BARGAIN. I can't believe I'm gonna have to by a new lens, it's sickening to blog about even. It's back to my point and shoot, which I'll just go ahead and say, ain't gonna be pretty!
So, there you have it folks, all the blah and blohhh. I just need to get away, but I have a feeling the whole time I'm away I'll be wishing for my good camera to capture all the great moments.

As of right now, the children are driving us crazy, yes, the little blessings are driving us crazy. Bethany had a blast picking a huge section of the drywall off in the basement. It was missing a small chunk and now it's like 2x10 inch section gone!
I guess since I'm sick I'm more irratible and since Joe has been singly responsible for them for 2 days, he is spent. It's seems like they are CRAZY, it must be all the chocolate.


Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Oh my! I hope you are feeling better very, very soon! What a bummer to be that sick for Easter! I wish I knew where to direct you for a new lens. Maybe ebay?

Take care of yourself and just try to relax!

Melissa said...

you poor thing. YOu have so much on your plate. Continue to pray for you and your family. Have you ever thought about seening an endocrinologist? Dr. Young is pretty good. He was who I say until everthing got balanced out. Love ya.

Bonnie said...

Hugs, Hugs, Hugs, what more can I say?

Remember we are refined when we need to see Joy in the impossible.

Take care of yourself and update when you can. I'm sick for you and your camera too. I'd probably go off the deep end if my Nikon got crushed.

{Kimber} said...

bleck to being sick and to blessing driving us crazy!!

I hope you are feeling better, I have had a sinus infection for over a week now, it must love me lots cuz it's sticking around...try Mucinex D that helped me more than antibodics I think!!