Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finding joy among the weeds

My children look forward to the same thing every spring, they squeal with excitement at the first sight of them. They oooh and aaah, and covet any yard that has more than ours. My kids love weeds. They find them beautiful and lovely, more fun than bubbles and the greatest gift to give as a hand picked bouquet.
I feel like my life is buried under in weeds, they're multiplying and spreading rapidly. Many moments I can't see past them, they consume my thoughts, they hide my blessings.
How and when will I get to the place where I can view the weeds as blessings? {James 1:2} The trials and heavy worries distract from the plan and purpose that I know is at work in our lives.
I want to learn to embrace the chaos with faith, to rest assured that my best, our best, is at hand.
Joe detest dandelions, he absolutely cannot stand them. All last week, while he was on spring break, everyday we were home, he went out and pulled up every single dandelion in the front yard. He was determined to get rid of them and devoted I don't know how many hours to pulling weeds.
The next morning they were all still fiercely shining bright for all the world to see.
We only control so much of what happens in our lives, and what we think we can control we are only fooling ourselves. And yet, when I'm faced with so many situations at once that are out of my control I just try harder to get things back in hand. Do I trust first? No, usually I try to fix it, re-plan it or change it.
But, after so long of trying {2 weeks for me} I'm finally at the place of surrender. The place where I give up and I give in, and I admit my need for Someone greater qualified than myself. The place where I say, have Your way. I don't want to fight it anymore, I don't want to carry all the worry and fear. This anxiety was never part of the plan, not part of the process to refine me and grow me. I picked it up, I chose this and now I'm ready to be done with it. I am at the place where I can say, I trust You. Not because I have no other options, but because You are faithful.
God allows me to walk through things to grow me and teach me. However, He never intends for it to be as hard and complicated as I make it. I'm the one that chooses to worry and stress, to doubt and fear. I choose to me moody and grouchy. Those things are my flesh choosing to be a baby and refusing to embrace something other than my will.
Life need not be easy to be joyful. Joy is not the absence of trouble, but the presence of Christ.
William Vander Hoven


~Mom ~ said...

Good quote Miranda. Thanks Willian Vander
Hoven . That is SO TRUE. The presence of Christ... I need more of Christ in my life.
I will pray for you. Please pray for me.

Kristen said...

I could say the same things, the exact same things. Thank you for speaking your mind, and mine as well.

Bonnie said...

And have you ever noticed that when you surrender it all everything is so beautiful, easier, you start to see some joy in the things that were frustrating you.

Great post.

Catherine Anne said...

Yes all the beautiful weeds, Along with the children growing like them. Great poat!

Earth Mama said...

Oh my, I LOVE that last pic. What a beauty standing there with her flower and the rays of the sun illuminating her hair. Just precious!


Lydia said...

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