Thursday, April 15, 2010

I think I'll keep him

As many of you know, I'm married to sports freak fanatic. He's buff, I mean, he's a sports buff. And I'm crazy wild about him. In the past when I've blogged about his love for sports, I received an anonymous comment from one of my stalkers, appalled that I allow Joe to get so wrapped up in sports. They even suggested that I needed to pray for him. I find this laughable really, first of all, I'm his wife, not his mother and I didn't marry him to change him. I've heard that doesn't work really well. So, I certainly won't be casting out any sports demons!!
I took the van to Auto Zone to have the diagnostic codes read because our Engine light is on. {In case you weren't aware, they will read the codes for no charge and it only takes a second.} The guy came in from running his little meter thing, he had a smile on his face and said, "I wish every one's car I got in and out of all day had their radio on ESPN radio!" I explained that my husband has brain washed me. I go places and will drive for 20 minutes before I realize I've been actively listening to sports radio. That day I was skimming though the preset stations and left it on sports talk radio.
I knew practically nothing about sports other than they existed when I met Joe 9 years ago. I'm definitely not his sports fanatic equal and I never will be, but I have enjoyed learning to follow each sports season and I can at least keep up with the lingo most of the time.
Sports are important to Joe and I can't imagine him making me stop doing something that I am passionate about. I don't always listen to him, support him and respect him. I not the perfect wife, not close, but I am glad that I learned to embrace this aspect of Joe's life early on in our relationship. If I can go from being sports illiterate, to listening to ESPN radio because I want to, not because I have to, anybody can grow to love something because the person they love enjoys it.
Last week was the 7 year anniversary of our engagement, I can't believe how fast life goes by. I just wanted to say, I love you more today than ever George! Thanks for sharing your life with me, and ESPN.


{Kimber} said...

trust me there are WAY worse things he could be a fanatic about!! Sports are fun anyway, even for girls :)

Becky said...

I love sports now because of my husband. I think it's actually a sign of respect towards Aron when I can enter into a public discussion about sports.

~Mom~ said...

I am so glad you are going to keep Joe. We have gotten attached to him and would miss him greatly!

Bonnie said...

I am the same way with the hunting channel!

Allison said...

well hello! it's always nice to meet another ky blogger. my husband's not a big sports fan, but i sure have learned a heck of a lot about video games since we've been together.

Daisy said...

I hubby is a sports, play station 3 and wrestling fan...he's such a mans man and I love it!! I missed your blog I am glad to be back! :)