Saturday, April 10, 2010

So much at once

I'm still trying to keep my mind from wondering about what life would be like if I could rewind it back to Tuesday. This spring break has been less enjoyable than expected and more dramatic than ever imaginable. Life goes on even if I've been silent around here. Silence certainly doesn't represent uneventful. I've missed blogging, sometimes it just isn't right to put it all out here and when I can't put it all out here, then I have a hard time blogging about anything else.
I hate to bore you with complaining. . .the thing is that I know no matter how hard and complicated my life really is right now, it's still a great life.
When the house hunting is looking really bleak and we're wondering where in the world we're gonna live come May 19th. . .it's stressful.
And when April 30th is the last day to have a contract on a house and qualify for the housing tax credit next year. . .it's frustrating.
And when spring break began with me having strep throat and is ending with Joe having strep throat, it's a lot to take in.
And when my camera lens is destroyed so that I can't even relax doing the photography hobby, it makes me irratible.
And. . .well, I'll stop with that, but like I mentioned life is more complicated than I can air here.

It's still a great life and thankfully, this is just a season of growing and learning to trust God. Being stretched is never fun and I can't tell you how many times this week I wanted to just go back to the way life was, the non-moving life. I know that God is faithful and I know that He has always seen us through rough transitions and He has always supplied for all our needs. Abundantly, I might add.
We did get away for a few nights this week, it was a good break and I really didn't want to come home and face the life that awaited us. Ready or not, here I am though. Packing is on the agenda next week, and the week after. . . and then we'll be moving to only God knows where, literally!
Here are a few pictures from our time in Nashville. We had a super nice hotel, the kids had a blast and we visited the Adventure Science Center.
It was fun, but I was a little disappointed, definitely am more impressed by the Cincinnati Children's Museum or the Indianapolis Children's Museum. The Adventure Science Center Science Center didn't have near the exhibits and hands on activities as Cincinnati or Indianapolis. Even Bethany and Joseph were let down.

I broke down and ordered my new lens today. After waiting all week and using my point and shoot, it wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be. I realized that I had to have my Canon Rebel up and running, and I can't wait for it to arrive. I even found a good deal on one with Image Stabilizer so that is an extra treat. I can't wait. I needed something to look forward to right now. Hope you are having a good weekend. I'll try to be in better spirits next time, I can't handle myself being so distraught anymore!


Catherine Anne said...

Its hard on us moms when we are sick. But sick and moving, That has got to be hard. Im so sorry.You are right, its a good life and its great you still know that in stress filled times. Blessing to you and your family on your move.

Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

I agree that it's hard enough being sick -- but sick and trying to move? I hope you guys are feeling better soon!

Sending prayers that the perfect home shows up for you soon!

Bonnie said...

I'm a very cranky mommy too these days and it's not due to illness but more to a looking for happiness in the wrong places kind of deal.

The praying at 2 am cause I can't sleep kind of stuff.

I hope sickness doesn't follow you to the new home. Complain all you want...that is what I'm here for.

Nate and Erin said...

I can imagine the stress you are feeling right now...just remember that things will get better! Love you lots!

Becky said...

Even though you've had a hard week, I love that you are transparent...but even better that you share your hardships + your victories. Now that is one powerful combo. Praying for more amazing victories in the coming weeks for your family that can only make you point back to Jesus!