Monday, May 3, 2010

All about last week

The kids are catching a late nap this evening, we've had a busy day running errands all over town. I'm so glad to be home now. I was looking forward to getting a chance to catching everyone up to speed with our past week. Aside from it being super busy, it was a really incredible week.
Monday we counter bid on the foreclosed home we were looking at. Much to my surprise the mortgage company accepted our offer. Tuesday consisted of us signing our lives away for the house. We agreed to any situation possible being a problem with it and that we could not hold the mortgage company responsible. I'm sure if they planted a bomb in the thing, and we had evidence to prove it they could not be taken to court! It was a tab scary, but realistically you never know what your getting into with any house you buy. I think it will work out well.
Our realtor had notified the mortgage company on Monday that is was really important for us to have a signed contract by Friday, so that we could qualify for the tax credit next year. All week, he made phone calls and it seemed very reasonable to think they wouldn't have a problem getting their end of the deal signed, since we signed ours by Tuesday.
Well, Friday morning came and we didn't have a final contract with both our signatures on it. Our realtor called and was told that the broker was out of the office for The Oaks. It wasn't looking good, Joe and I prayed that God would work things out.
On Monday, I also went for a lab test to confirm the home pregnancy test I had taken the Friday before. Tuesday the results proved positive once again and Joe and I went to the doctor on Friday. My mom unknowing watched our kids, I made up some story about Joe and I spending time together early for my birthday.
Everything went great at the doctor, I have the greatest OB/GYN ever! They sent me for an ultrasound, Joe and I were able see our little bean and hear the heartbeat. I was so relieved and ready to tell my family and friends. As Joe and I were getting in the van from leaving the ultrasound, our realtor called. It was 3:30, only a few hours left on our deadline, he received our contract fully signed and legal!
On Saturday, we told the kids the news of the new baby. Bethany and Joseph were very happy and Jenna of course was oblivious. When we told them the baby would be here before Christmas Bethany let out a big sigh and said, "I'm so relieved!" When I asked her why, she said, "Because Christmas takes too long!!" Joseph couldn't sit still, he is hoping for a brother and has been for about a month now. But in typical Joseph fashion, he made it very clear that he would be happy if it is a sister too.
Later that day, Bethany asked out of the blue, "So, Mommy, have you decided yet?" "Decided what?", I asked her. "If it's a boy or a girl?!"
I colored the kids shirts with washable marker. They wore them to my parents house on Saturday for my birthday dinner. It was rainy so they has jackets on, the plan was to take all three of their jackets off and kinda line them up for my parents to see. When we got there, my dad was in the shower so we left their jackets on. My mom started taking Jenna's jacket off so we told Bethany and Joseph to take theirs off too. It took my mom a minute {or two} to realize but she finally put it together and was shocked. And then she screamed. My dad who is not a screamer, just smiled and laughed when he read them.
I am very happy to be pregnant. Though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned about the daunting task of carrying a baby for 9 months and keeping up with three other uncontained children. My pregnancy with Jenna was rough, I was miserable, my body ached all over, and I had gestational diabetes. I has been dealing with hyperthyroidism for 2 years when I became pregnant with her.
I don't have to remind myself that it all was completely worth it though. I am so willing to go through it all over again to have another precious child in our family, and I'm optimistic that this pregnancy will be easier. After all that my body has been through in the last 10 months, my hormones were a wreck and I honestly was starting to think Jenna might be our baby forever. I'm sure most of you look at me like a Fertile Myrtle, but this pregnancy is not because of my great fertility. It's because of God.
I have been pretty nauseous for the past 3 weeks, I have the normal headaches from hormones and am tired. I've been tired a lot over the past 4 years, I'll take tired due to pregnancy over tired because of thyroid issues or mono any day. The end is so worth the wait and work.
Thanks for all the congratulations! I so appreciate you stalkers, you certainly brighten my days.

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Nate and Erin said...

We are so excited about #4! Mylee is going to have so many cousins near her age! Congrats!