Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moving out

It's moving week. Things are not working out for us to move directly into our new house, this week is phase one. We are moving all our belongings to our parents homes and then we will be moving in with my parents until we close on our new home. I'm guessing we will be there for a week or two, then we will have to move all our things again.
I'm making lists upon lists and trying to label everything. Things are going 3 different places, cannot tell you how happy I will be to get this house cleaned out. I know there will be a whole new set of "to-do's" but it seems like I have been packing and stacking boxes forever.My mom and sis have been coming over this week and helping me out hugely. I've not been feeling well. The toilets and I have been bonding since Mother's Day, in only the way pregnancy can make you bond with your toilets. By the way, I was thankful my mother cleaned my bathrooms last week, but I'm so much more appreciative now that I've been hugging the things. {I know my mother is cringing at the fact that I'm even blogging about such a disgusting topic!}
Between pregnancy icky's and moving I might be kinda scarce around here the rest of the week. I'm taking things one day at a time, and hoping tomorrow I'll feel better!


MaryBeth said...

Best of luck with the move(s) and hope you feel better soon.

Barbie said...

I'll be praying your move goes smoothly and for health and strength for you!

{Kimber} said...

moving stinks...wish I was there to help ya! :)