Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pregnancy hormones are wicked

Jenna went to the doctor for her two year well visit last week. This was the first time I've been to the doctor and had them give a two year old a gown to put on. At first I was just going to leave her in her diaper but when she was upset about having to take her clothes off I was thankful that the gown made her happy.
We have definitely hit the two year mark, the compromising when possible and allowing her to make choices when she can. She loves to say, "No." even when it's at her own expense and she really wants to do something. The "No's" definitely have it, nothing is exempt. She has been newly obstinate, confusing herself more than anyone else about how she feels and what she truly wants out of each situation. I feel sorry for her, she is helplessly fighting her own flesh. Though her need for assistance with eating and getting around is less, {yet more than she thinks} her need for behavioral and disciplinary guidance is growing and so evident.
Consistently disciplining each and every instance is a huge challenge. There are meltdowns every hour and 50 different "No moments" before breakfast. I have to remind myself that she needs us to step in and change her helplessness against her flesh. We have to teach her and train her, sometimes this task can be so daunting and overwhelming, especially when it requires this tired mommy to get up off the couch to help her act out obedience. At the same time, it's an incredible feeling to know that I have the opportunity to mold and enable a sweet child. I love that at this age particularly, teaching and training reap worthwhile results. Correction and training do not result in perfect children, it results in hearts willing to be molded, the knowledge that though we all make mistakes there is forgiveness, and that with Christ we can be more than our flesh tells us.
At her doctors appointment, Jenna was in the 15-25 percentile for both height and weight, keeping with her growth pattern. She had gained 2 pounds and grew 1 inch since January, she is 32 1/2 inches and weighs 24 pounds. She appears to be flatfooted, but the doctor said she may outgrow it. We just need to be careful about what kind of shoes she wears if she will be doing very much walking.

Mamma went yard saling on Saturday and returned home with another George. Making Joseph the proud daddy of 3 Georges. A few months ago, he had no desire to have anymore Georges other than the original George. Then my sister bought him a smaller George, Little George. He became the little brother and and original George became the big brother. All this started Joseph to talking about his own need for a brother.
Third George, is the biggest and softest of them all. There was some fighting among the George's when Biggest George was introduced, but they worked out their differences and get along fine now, with just the normal monkey rough housing.
We hear about the George's most days and the things those monkeys get into. I will miss Joseph and his George's when he outgrows this.

My sister is kindly letting us use her laptop, A LOT!! I would be crazy by now without it and the kids have enjoyed playing at PBSkids.org.

I don't know if I can blame pregnancy hormones for my irritability or if it's the sheer edge constant nausea and tiredness leave me on. I keep telling Joe that not feeling well and pushing myself to go on at a normal pace is mentally draining. Whatever the reason, I am irritable a lot and easily annoyed by things that really shouldn't annoy and irritate me.
I hate feeling this way and do pretty good about suppressing the irritability and annoyance with most people I think, except for, you guessed it, Joe. It's like, I know I'm being a complete grouch to him and yet I do it anyway. {He would readily agree with me!} It's not that I don't try to stop myself, I do sometimes.
So this really odd thing has been happening, I think it's directly associated with me being fractious {as Barney Fife would say}. I have woke up several nights in the past week, completely out of it, almost yelling at Joe and getting mad at him for random things. Like he can't do something or he did something wrong. Joe will try to tell me, "Miranda, you're sleep talking! {again}" and every time he tells me that I get more angry and say, "I am NOT!"
The other night I woke up confused and irritated that I was having to fix the TV for him. I was fumbling around in the bookshelf behind our bed, thinking it was a TV when there isn't a TV anywhere in the room. I was very mad and angrily saying "What is wrong with this thing!?!?!" At this point, I'd woke Joe up from his peaceful sleep and he was trying to convince me to go to sleep. His not helping me, made me even more mad. I even said a bad word and Joe said, "Miranda! Watch your mouth!" I eventually realized that he wasn't going to listen to me, so I {angrily} went back to sleep.
The next morning, I remember everything that happened. Although it is really funny and laughable, Joe said he is getting tired of being yelled out every night. Last night before we went to sleep he said, "Please don't yell at me tonight!"
Has this ever happened to any of you? I ran into an old friend, a kindred spirit, at Wal-mart today. I was telling her about all this and we both were cracking up in the middle of the grocery section. Don't you love it when that happens? A ordinary trip to Wal-mart becomes a great thing!


Jillian said...


If it makes you feel any better...I apparently woke Travis up one night last week in the middle of my sleeping to yell at him about moving some two liters away from my feet at the end of the bed(there were actually no 2 liters in the bed or even in the general area). When he didn't respond I got very mad asking "What is wrong with you!?!" I then proceeded to ask him a random nonsensical question, to which he was confused and didn't know how to answer---I then responded in a not so kind way saying, "Just answer the question!" I have no recollection of these events, but he was sure to inform me of my sleep-talking/yelling actions the next morning. Don't know what all that was about, but maybe it just runs in the family....?

Hope you get to feeling better soon!


Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

The Georges are too cute!! I had weird dreams when I was pregnant, but I didn't get up and act out in my sleep. That's pretty wild! I hope it gets better for you (and Joe!).

Bonnie said...

By now you know pregnancy can do strange things so I would chalk up the crazy dreams/sleep talking/walking whatever you want to call it to your pregnancy for sure! And the stress of the move etc.

LOVE LOVE joseph and his George's. Sammy sleeps with a gazillion stuffies too and his fav's are little stuffies usually animals. He is an animal lover especially of ocean life.

Take care, keep the updates coming.

Eleana said...

I'm sorry it's been a while since I've read your updates... CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so excited for you despite your pregnancy crazies ;o)