Thursday, June 24, 2010

15 weeks and counting

I know I shouldn't be counting already, but I always do. Pregnancies always slow my life down. Which is great as I'm watching my children grow and enjoying their younger years, but it's terrible when I don't feel well and am miserable. As I mentioned yesterday, I am feeling much better and enjoying a reprieve from the pregnancy ailments. Praying they stay away, because with Jenna the end 5 months were wretched.
I was shocked to find out at my doctors appointment today that I DO NOT have gestational diabetes. I don't know how this can be when I have been checking my blood sugar and if I don't eat right it is out of the required range. I have been counting carbs and monitoring my blood sugar four times a day for the past month and a half. I had failed the 1 hour test at 9 weeks and was unable to take the 3 hour test due to nausea until this week. After I drank the horrid drink, I was sick, had a headache, felt dizzy and weak. I just knew this confirmed what I already knew, I had it.
Today my doctor informed me that I only had one high reading out of the three and the requirement is 2 or more to be diagnosed. I explained what happens when I eat too much and she said, "Well, you don't have it! I've never seen anyone so disappointed when I tell them they don't have gestational diabetes!"
I will have to repeat the 1 hour test again at 7 months pregnant and if I fail it, I will then have to retake the 3 hour test. That is just torturous! I'd just soon be done drinking that nasty stuff and sentenced to counting carbs for the next 5 and a half months. It's not that I'm not relieved to not have gestational diabetes, I really don't think it's set in yet. I'm worried of what might happen when it does. I've been craving so many things, mostly french fries, Mexican food, ice cream, cake and anything sweet. I want to go out and splurge because I can, and then go back to being good again. First, I have to decide what's worth it.
I've been REALLY disciplined with my eating and it's so much easier to be that way when I HAVE to do it. I've gotten into my routine and I kinda rather liked it. I have high hopes of keeping up with the diet. My doctor encouraged me to stay on it, just give up testing my blood sugar. I so want to stick with it and keep being healthy.
I have lost a total of 7 pounds since I became pregnant, some of that due to nausea, but the majority due to cutting way back on carbs and eliminating sugar completely. I lost 4 pounds this month, and know that is entirely diet related. That should be motivation enough to keep on limiting myself.
{Before anyone comments to give me the whole, don't diet while your pregnant, the health of your baby is most important spill, {Ahem, Anonymous!} believe me when I say, I have plenty of meat on these bones and the healthier I am when this baby is born, the healthier it will be. There is no way my baby could possibly be harmed by my eating healthy!}
Bethany went with Joe and I to the appointment, it was her first time going to an OB appointment. We thought she would enjoy getting to hear Little's heartbeat, to our surprise my beloved doctor did an ultrasound. I think she did it purely for Bethany's sake, although she wouldn't admit to it and said it was probably too early to hear it with the monitor just yet.
My doctor has delivered all three of our children and Little would tie us with one other patient of hers. She is super good to us, we have a comfortable relationship built with 4 pregnancies in 5 years.
The baby was well and looked healthy! It was wiggling and moving all around. It kept moving it's arm and it appeared to be waving at Bethany. We could see it's heart beating. I know Bethany loved being a part of that moment with us.
We will be finding out if Little is a girl or boy July 29th. I can't wait! Joseph is so hoping for a boy, but keeping with his usual self says he will be happy if it's a girl or boy. Aside from wanting a brother for Joseph, I will be happy regardless. God's plan is best and I can't wait to meet His creation that He designed just for us!


Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

So, you have decided to find out? That's great! Boy or girl, we're excited for the newest addition to the family to arrive!

Praying for you and "Little" (love that!). :)

etownpartyshop said...

Bless your heart. I so hope that the time will not be miserable for you. It sounds like you have good coping skills. And I know Joe is a sweetheart. You two, are a beautiful couple and making a beautiful family. God Bless!

{Kimber} said...

I am happy you don't have them! you are a trooper for eating well, I ate ever kind of crap known to man! :)

can't wait to find out more about the new addition :)

Lyndsay Taylor said...

Hey! I am feeling you about eating well! I'm not pregnant but also counting carbs and sugar for my health, and it is so hard to not just pig out on candy and Mexican food! Anyway, just want you to know you are not alone in that!!