Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All about nothing

We are in, and it's wonderful to have a home house again. It feels so much bigger than our last house, maybe it's because we'd been living in my parents basement for 3 weeks. Any how, I'm really enjoying it here and looking forward to painting some white walls. I hadn't expected the lack of color to bother me this badly.
I have so may things I'd like to do, but very little energy or motivation to do any of them. {let alone paint the walls!} My blessed mother unpacked nearly all the house for me on Saturday. I only have a couple areas left to unpack and they should be easy and fun, but instead I start working on them and end up quitting a few minutes later. I was blaming my extreme tiredness and blahness to just over doing things and life being extra busy the past weeks. I woke up from a nap today feeling just as tired as when I went to sleep and my arms were aching. Then it hit me that I probably have extremely low iron again {it was already low}, this is how I felt in the past with really low iron. This explanation makes since due some health issues that have been dragging on.
My nausea that I thought was improving a week ago, has been wickedly strong again. I'm beginning to wonder what that is all about. The smell of my bubble bath, the thought of eating certain meats, all make me want to puke. I eat out of necessity not for pleasure, which is unheard of.
I'm not the only one who has been down and out. Bethany ran a fever Sunday and yesterday. She did a lot of sleeping. She is feeling better today and back to her normal activities. Joseph and her are going to VBS every evening this week and enjoying it immensely.
Bethany has missed having school. She has asked me everyday for a week if we can please have school, even if Daddy is home. We did some reading and spelling today, it's was good to see her eager to learn and very attentive. Joseph has surprised me lately, it turns out the boy can read. I have worked very little with him on his letters and their sounds, but he is reading many 3 letter words and writing them. I have figured out that he is a visual learner, though he can sound out simple words, he also is great at memorizing other words. This is how I learn so I can easily relate to his learning style.
Jenna's speech has {finally} taken off. Over the past month she has really started talking and putting sentences together. Everyday her vocabulary is growing and we are able to understand her much easier.
I know you want more pictures and details on the house. Just know they will come with time. I go to bed each night thinking I will feel well and energetic tomorrow, I still hold out hope that iy will happen. {and not 6 months from now!} I know this post was more informative than entertaining, thanks for you patience with this mopey pregnant blogger.


Melissa said...

I feel your pain. We need a support group.

~Mom~ said...

HI :)
I have been spoiled, having you here for 3 weeks. I miss you all. No kids to sneak up and give me hugs, no giggles or sweetness, no little feet to splash in the tub, no screams (Joe playing with the kids) coming from the basement, no one to cook for or eat with, no one to have a conversation with, no one to take the garbage out, no crumbs on the floor... OK I don't miss that.
I am so excited for you to finally be in your new house. Love you and enjoyed having you here.
Love Mom

~Bernadette said...

I will certainly be praying for you! Sorry to hear the combination of Number 4 being knit together and your body's own iron issues are beating your up so badly... I will definately be praying!!!

Susan Tipton said...

I always had low iron with pregnancy. My body couldn't absorb the prescription iron tablets though. I would walk around like a wet, cranky, worn out rag when my iron was low.

With the last three pregnancies I used Floridix that I bought at our Whole Foods. You have to keep it refrigerated and It tastes like nasty dirt- but was totally worth it.

{Kimber} said...

thank goodness for mothers :)
yours sounds awesome!!

Jennas hair is getting so long!! glad y'all are getting settled
hope everyone feels better soon