Thursday, June 3, 2010

Can I just say that my life has been all jumbled up lately?! So much has been happening, we closed on our house Tuesday {finally}. In the midst of all the chaos and trying to remember everything I have to do, I forgot to call the utilities a couple days in advance. When I realized on Saturday that I should have called on Firday the long weekend, put me behind calling another day. So, the water was {finally} turned on today and we were able to get some cleaning done.
We will be moving in this weekend, it feels like we've been waiting to move forever, yet these past 3 weeks have flown by that we have stayed with my parents. We all have mixed emotions about leaving, which is a great way to leave I suppose. It's been fun living at home again and my mom and sis have made my life alot easier helping out with the kids and cooking for us too. It's been a great time, but we're ready to go back our own lives too.
I've been such a slacker blogger lately, which I hate and am so looking forward to changing as soon as my life is back in order. {Who am I kidding!?} Anyway, wanted to take a second and reply to some comments you sweet commenter's have left recently {and not so recently!}

Kimber- No, that picture of the beautiful brick steps with flowerpots lined up them, is not our new house. Not even close.
Bonnie- We do have Crayola's in the US. We always just call them markers or crayons.
Jillian- Thank you so much for sharing your own sleep talking/husband irritation with me. I laughed my head off and it made me feel so much better!
Bernadette- I think it would be a hoot to have our little crazy girls together! They seem so much alike. The first trimester yuckies haven't left me yet. Life is so not textbook is it?

I'll be back eventually, no promises on how soon. I've got a bazillion boxes to unpack and I'm gonna be ready to crash!
Happy belated blog birthday wishes to my awesome hubby. He turned 34 yesterday. He's pretty much amazing and I'm so glad he's all mine!

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Kari said...

Happy birthday to hubby!

And I know how you feel about all the unpacking! Ugh! It's worth it though!