Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer reading, rain boots and a runaway

Yes, this picture can only mean one thing. . .
. . .I caved and picked the invisible neighbors butterfly bush. {Only a small amount.} The enjoyment isn't as sweet as I thought it would be though, turns out these blooms stink! Serves me right, I guess. I'm hoping the house next door stays unoccupied the rest of the summer, because then I'll have all kinds of fresh beautiful flowers, to admire near and from afar.
We've started our summer reading program. I've been buying new books this weekend. Anywhere from a quarter to fifty cents, makes me happy.
That's right I've been yard selling. Turns out that it has saved mine and Joe's sanity. Our children have been slowly taking years off our lives with their made up Knock-Knock jokes. Jenna has even joined in on the torture. Her joke always goes, Knock-Knock-Who's-There?-Poopy-Poopy-Who?-Poopy-Aunt Carrie It's absurd and she doesn't even understand what she is saying!
All these books are super cute and fun. The kids love for me to read to them and it's better than TV.
We had a summer rain shower yesterday. It was Jenna's first time playing in the rain.
The rain boots had nothing to do with the rain. They are part of her daily apparel. She had them on before there was a rain cloud in the sky, as well as the tutu. She even wore that yard selling, can you imagine what kind of mother would let that happen!?

I'm a softy for the miss-match dress up with regular clothes and rain boots. Bethany and Joseph still wear their rain boots on sunny days and I love it. This phase in life only last so long and I'll enjoy it, even if other mothers stare and Joe is horrified that I "took them out looking like THAT?!"
Joseph ran away in those same yellow rain boots when he was about 22 months. We were all outside visiting with my brother and sister-in-law when I realized I hadn't seen Joseph for a few minutes. After a quick scan on the back yard, we assumed he must have sneaked in the house with Joe. I called in to Joe and he hadn't seen him, at which point I freaked. All four of us, started calling and running around the yard and through the house looking for him. After what seemed like 10 minutes, still there was no sign of him. My mind was racing and debating whether we should call the police.
Eventually, we spotted him far-far away in our neighbors back yard, he had been standing behind an old truck that was parked behind their garage. None of us could figure out how he walked that far without us noticing.
As I ran toward him, he just stood there staring at me like I was crazy. Bethany's headband was over his eyes like glasses, tucked under each arm was a corn hole bag, he was wearing a yellow sleeveless shirt that read, "King of the Jungle Gym", and from the bottom down he was wearing a diaper and the yellow rain boots. Can you imagine how that missing child report would have read?


Bernadette said...

I think the only kind of momma that would let her child go out in the tutu and rain boots is an EXCELLENT one... they need to be creative and silly and innocent and young. If we should happen to run into eachother at Wal-Mart or a yard sale we would have to double check the girls before we left... Amazra would be the fairy (complete with wings) wearing either sparkly flip flops or pink cowgirl boots with stones on them... Jenna would be the ballerina with the rain boots... got it... we should be safe to take home our own amazing creative kiddos... :)

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Oh my, I will never forget that day either! What site little Joseph was!

{Kimber} said...

how adorable does she look in that Tu-tu?! gahhhhhhhhhh!!!

think I could get away with rain boots? :)

Melissa said...

Last week my kids wore their new super hero capes to the library! My mom had just sent them in the mail and of course they had to wear them everywhere that same day! Also, when we went to the San Diego zoo Andrew insisted on wearing his red Raggedy Andy wig. It was hilarious and we got all kinds of comments! I love that they want to be individuals!

Nana NeRe said...

WAOOOOOOOh. I love your Umbrella! Where do you find it?

Miranda said...

Sorry, I don't remember, maybe at TJ Maxx. We no longer have it, it broke shortly after this.