Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A peek in the girls room, while it's clean

I spent some time this afternoon cleaning out Bethany's random assortments of treasures.  She has to be one of the worst 5 year old pack rats.  It's sweet, cute and annoying all at the same time.  Thought I'd share a few pictures of her and Jenna's room while it looked good.  I'm hoping that I simplified the chaos enough for her to do a better job keeping it orderly.
She works really hard on all her artwork, I love that about her.  The pictures on the sides of the window are pictures she drew of houses when we were packing up our old house.  She created a entire collection of drawings that she thought might look like our new house.  It seems like we are always running out of wall and refrigerator space for her art.  I've come up with one helpful solution and the newest work goes on the walls for awhile.
My sister knows how I love embroidered pillowcases and made me this one for my birthday.  I love the colors and and simplicity of these, not that simplicity means it didn't require much work and time.
Jenna has just started sleeping with her pe-wow.  I snagged her pillow case from a yard sale last summer.  Really love that set too!
Jenna was excited to nap in her clean room.  I'll be sad when she outgrows her baby bed.  She climbed out of the baby bed at my mom's last week, scared me to death that we were going to have to make that terrible transition.  Thankfully, she hasn't tried it at home and I'm keeping her caged as long as possible.  Now the paci on the other hand really needs to go.  I'm open to suggestions, though I probably don't need any.  It just comes down to me biting the bullet and ditching the thing!  This is the longest I've let one of my kids keep it, I think I missed the prime window of opportunity to take it away. From here on out it is just going to be torture for both of us!


MaryBeth said...

I just love those paper flowers as a window treatment.

{Kimber} said...

I WANT that room!! sooo adorable!!

~Mamma~ said...

Awww The pictures of Jenna makes me want hugs. So cute. I'm making pickles today and thinking of Bethany, The PICKLE girl! :)

Teena in Toronto said...

What a cute room!

Happy blogoversary :)

Our Family said...

What a beautiful room!!

Sidnie said...

I love their room. So bright and happy.
And tidy! Even after I clean our boys' rooms, they don't look that tidy...

As for the pacy, we just take them away. It's hard, but we et throught it.

Bonnie said...

beautiful and it all.

I'm am terrible with paci's. Sasha gave hers up on her own at 2 but the boys had them until 3 1/2 but it was fairly easy for them to give them up then and they only sucked them right before bed.