Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer happenings

Our summer days are flying by, they have been filled with so much fun.  We've been having a great time with friends, attending a home school conference, camping and watching fireworks.  I don't have enough pictures to share, but I'll show you what I have.
Last week we packed up everything that we could possibly fit into our van, all for one night of camping.  I'm convinced that our next camping trip will be for at least two nights.  I still don't know how camping for 24 hours resulted in a sink full of dishes and 4 loads of laundry!
It was a perfect camping trip, even if it was just one night.  The weather was amazing!  It's the only cool weather we've had in over a month so I'm so thankful God worked it out for us.  There weren't any bugs, well not the nasty blood sucking kind! Only the cute cuddle-bug kind.  Isn't she sweet?  I can't believe that next summer I'll have my very own drooling baby to love on!
We went camping with our friends/family and they're 2 little girls.  The plan was to go swimming, but there was a nice breeze and the temperature a little too cool.  So we opted to hang out at the playground instead.  The kids favorite thing to do was dig in the rocks with their beach buckets and shovels.  Literally, hours of scooping and dumping gravel.
 The highlight of the trip for Joseph was a stick gun he found.  It is now his pride and joy!
After s'mores came bedtime for the kiddos. We enjoyed survived the drawn out process of getting our 2 year olds to sleep, and keeping them that way.  The next morning Phil and Joe did a bang up job cooking french toast.  Ange and I can't brag on them enough! ;) 
My favorite picture of the whole trip is this one of Joe and Joseph laying under a shade tree.  I love my boys so much!  
We started off celebrating the 4th with our nephews 5th birthday party on Saturday.  Yesterday we relaxed and recouped from all our busyness, then picked blackberries at my parents house.
 It was easy picking and perfect fun for the kids.  I froze a half gallon until my parents are back in town and we can enjoy eating them together.  Bethany is dying to make a pie or cobbler with them.  I'm open to a recipe if you have a winner!  If not, it'll be me and Google hashing it out to find the best tasting recipe.
 Mom, I found your set of three little yellow Pyrex dishes.  I want them!  Pretty, pretty please?!

We ended the evening sitting on the lawn of a local store front watching fireworks.  The kids played Simon Says and picked clover while we waited for it to get dark and friends to come join us.

We're off to another week full of family time and great summer memories.  I'll be back soon, this blogging break was way too long!


~Mom~ said...

So good to see pictures of you all and home. the kids look so big. Miss you all and can't wait to eat that blackberry cobbler or whatever. glad you like my bowls. It is because of you I saw the beauty of them and had to have them too. Can you have them??? Well, not for a long time. :)
Love you and looking forward to seeing you soon.

{Kimber} said...

adorable pics, camping looks like fun!! you are brave for sure :)

I am liking those bowls too Mom :)

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

My goodness what a fantastic weekend you guys had! The berries look delicious!