Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer house projects

Last week Joe and I tackled our house shutters.  They were faded so badly and I desperately wanted them down and painted.We have 12 shutters total with six on the upstairs windows.  It was a bit of a challenge getting them down, but with the help of a neighbor and a good friend, this job is over.

A $5 gallon of reject paint from Home Depot wasn't the color someone else wanted but it worked perfectly for our shutters.  Painting was the easiest part of this job, I'm happy with how they turned out.   Now I'm even more frustrated by all my white walls.  Not energetic enough to jump into painting some of them though, but getting there.
Joseph's room has been a disaster since we moved in a month ago.  Of all the rooms in our house, his has irritated me the most.  We don't have a basement in this house so it seems like all the toys ended up in his room, scattered and piled.  I decided to end the madness yesterday and tackled it by putting toys away in his closet where he can't reach them.  In a couple months I'll rotate them out for some old ones.
He had been asking for me to please hang his art work up from his old room.  It is a cheap way to add some color to the room.  The white walls and I don't hate each other quite as much now.  All my grumbling about blank walls aside, I'm really loving our new house and thankful for God amazing provisions for our family.  Each new task we accomplish it is starting to feel more like home.


Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

I also have my daughter's art hanging in her room like that. Trading in the toys is a great idea, it keeps things new! I love the shutters!

MamaMonki said...

I love the way you hung his artwork. Looks great with the sun shining through it.