Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Table Talk

Last night at the supper table Joseph looked up at Joe and asked, "Daddy, what do you think the baby is going to be?  A boy or a girl?"  Joseph asks this question to each of us many times a week.  Though he openly and repeatedly states that he will be happy if it's a girl and happy if it's a boy.  I don't think his constant thoughts about what the baby is, has to do with what the answer is, it's more about just wanting an answer.
Joe paused a second before answering Joseph and then said, "Buddy, the baby will be whatever God wants us to have.  If it's a boy that'll be good and if it's a girl that will be fine too.  God knows what we need."  Unsatisfied with Joe's response, Joseph asked again, "So, what do you think the baby is, a boy or a girl?"
I added, "Well, if it's a girl that must mean you and Daddy are awfully special and good at taking care of all of us girls."  Joseph thought a minute, then with his eyes wide and one eye brow up he emphatically said, "AND if it's a boy you all get to take care of us!!"


{Kimber} said...

awwwwwwww...what a sweet boy :)
are y'all gonna find out? or are you wait and see kinda peeps?

Doll said...

Funny and sweet answer at the same time. :) Very cute!