Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Something about everything

We are enjoying this last full week of summer break.  We've been staying up late and sleeping in all summer something terrible.  Well, Joe and I, no, not really, just me on the sleeping in part.  I'm going to miss that man first thing Wednesday morning when the kids all come traipsing in my room pleading and begging for some breakfast!  And, when the sink is full of dirty dishes all day and the laundry hasn't been folded in a week, and when he comes home at 5 and I still haven't had a shower, . .well maybe I'll just plead and beg him to stay with us forever!
Bethany is thrilled to be starting school on an everyday basis again.  I have to admit I'm looking forward to it too.  I've been gathering our new books and planning out our unit studies for the fall.  I've been scouring Ebay til my retinas bled and won a few auctions, that's always fun.
Joseph is excited to be starting Kindergarten.  He's technically too young for Kindergarten but I still have all his preschool books from last year that he had zero interest in.  If it makes him happy to say he's in Kindergarten then I'm going with it.
 I've been trying to kick pregnancy's butt, but it's still kickin' mine.  Just the usual, sleepless nights, carpal tunnel, I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm grouchy and tired.  I've been craving salsa and ice cream, but not together.  We find out on Thursday if our Little is Miss Little or Mr. Little.  Can't wait!
Jenna is loving the fact that Mamma and Papaw's abundant garden is resulting in zucchini bread around here.  It's a good thing we have lots, because she gets her step stool out of the bathroom, puts it right next to the cabinet and helps herself, one loaf at a time!
I shut my brain off thinking about paint colors and came to the conclusion that the walls will be white for a while.  I've started hanging some pictures and arranging the house to be more homey.  My dad laid new flooring in the dining room and it's beautiful.  It and the dawning of summers end have me in full mode to get things tidy.  I've been brain storming some ways to make some extra cash for curtains and things.  Hopefully, I'll have some more info on that soon.  I've been setting up shoppe over at Etsy.com.  You know I'll give you details when I get my act together!
It's raining!  How I love the rain!  I wish it would rain til the air turns crisp and the leaves turn orange and red.  Oh, I can't wait!


Our Family said...

That last week is soooo bitter-sweet. Enjoy!

Catherine Anne said...

I always love it here. Your photographs are always so warm and filled with love~

Amanda Brady said...

Wow....if this is your last full week off, you guys start back early. Jefferson County doesn't start back for at least another 2 -3 weeks.....I think they start back about the 17th!