Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fun, free girl craft

It's been a lazy, miserable Sunday around our house. The first cold of the school year is in full force.  Bethany is the only one through the woods so far, Joseph is feeling better after keeping us up with his high fever all Friday night, Joe, Jenna and I are pathetically wiped out and praying this feeling of suffocation will be gone by Monday morning.
I tried to nap, but that only brought about feelings of frustration and anger.  My head hurts and my eyes ache, but sleeping wasn't gonna happen, unless I sat up so I could breathe.  Of course, carrying a precious baby for nine months means cold medicines are of no help to me, so I'm just enduring it unaided.  So, in an effort to keep my mind off my misery I thought I'd share a fun craft Bethany did on a rainy afternoon this week.
I found This Mama Makes Stuff some where, some how in blog-land.  In real life, I have a great sense of direction but my real life blog-land adventure searches tend to wind me up places that as soon as I get there I dont' know how I got there, or where I came from.  Does this ever happen to you?
Any who, all that to say I knew as soon as I saw this free printable craft, Bethany would love it.  It had her name all over it and I had the perfect bag of scrap fabric pieces to go with it.  I did have some trouble printing them, maybe it's my personal computer's problems, it's old and getting ornerier and ornerier by the day.  {I f should ever disappear from this web address don't send out a search party, my computer just died and I have no communication with the outside world.} If you have the same problem, I copied the images and pasted them into Paint Shop.  They print no problem then.
Bethany colored them, I found it funny that she gave the girls highlights in their hair.  (these pictures annoy me, they are soo blurry!)

Jenna and Joseph had fun giving their two cents about which fabrics Bethany should choose.  There is also a boy, a dog and a cat that we could've printed.  Maybe another day we'll do this again soon.

The final ladies, modeling their fashions designed by Bethany.  I'll be back next week, hopefully with out a box of tissues within arms reach.

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Arlene said...

So cute. Bethany is quite a fashion designer. But anyone who has seen her out in her tutu and stylish attire knows that. She knows what she likes and is adorable in anything. I love you Beth.
Always, Mamma