Monday, August 16, 2010

Lovin' me some friendly sunshine

Finally, a day with weather to my liking! Praise the Lord, the heat wave broke.  It made my Monday!  I could tell by 11:00 that it wasn't as hot out as usual because my house wasn't burning up. Despite the $208 we paid the heating and air guy to add free-on and check out our unit, my a/c and I are not on good terms. We are thinking maybe it's an insulation problem, just wish I could have applied that $200 for free-on to insulation, but oh, well.
After school today, I decided we had to get our almost well bodies outside for some fresh air and vitamin D. We spread a blanket and ate lunch under our rather small, but sufficient tree. I'm so glad we did, it's was great to watch the kids run and play. We found a caterpillar that Bethany and Joseph wouldn't dare touch and Jenna readily asked to hold.  The girl is fearless, I love it and hate it.
She giggled and laughed as it scurried across her little hand.  "It kickles!" she said in delight.  As she pinched it in her cheese puff covered fingers, she offered it to Joseph who sat next to her.  He shrieked and scooted out of arms reach of her.

After Jenna deemed the crawly "Coot" and proved it harmless, Bethany decided to take a turn too.  If you remember she has a thang for earthworms, and then there was the time we tried and failed at making pets of them.
Though Joseph never cared enough about his sister's showing him up, he sweetly picked me some clover.
Jenna was determined to climb the poor little tree and with some assistance I'm sure she could have conquered it.  Instead, she got distracted and realized she could swing on it's branch.

Surprisingly, in our suburban neighborhood, we have a cotton tail rabbit that frequents our yard.  Joseph spotted it as it ran from the neighbors barking dogs.  I think it stays in out yard so much because we are one of the select few who do not have a dog, let alone 6 dogs.
Hope your Monday was cool too!


Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

Too cute!!!

My 2-yr. old is fascinated with ants. I just love watching her get into that little baby crouch and watch them as they scurry away, and then hearing "Wook Mommy!" as she points. Child wonderment is a beautiful thing!

Great pics!

{Kimber} said...

looks like they had a fun day soaking up the sun!!!
I am anxious to see some baby belly pics missy!!
hope you are feeling/doing well!